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Denver, CO
reply to hpguru

Re: anything bust george bush

Spoken like a true democrat. Spreading lies and launching personal attacks to smear people you don't like.

Like I said, there is NO WAY BUSH WILL LOOSE ....

CNN POLL?...hahahaha we all know what that is worth lol. You obviously lack of intelligence on the matter is GLARING. If you even had a clue about what you think you are talking about you would KNOW that they have done that SAME poll every day since late January. There are only about 5 days total since then that Kerry has had a higher number and that is the one the biased media chooses to report. LoL You all fooling yourself and it is quite AMUSING.

Sooooo KEEP DREAMING and eat up! Eat yourself alive with rage and hate. I am enjoying the show. Looking forward to you pulling your hair out. The truth is going to hit you HARD in November so prepare yourself for defeat.

Have a nice life.

Curb Your Dogma

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said by Sunburn:
Like I said, there is NO WAY BUSH WILL LOOSE ....
Fascinating. By the way if I am in a rage, why are you shouting (CAPS)?

I am well aware the CNN polls are non-scientific. I am also aware they have run this Bush vs. Kerry poll several times (though not every day as you claim) and that the trend of these non-scientific polls reveals Bush is not favored by the visitors who opted to participate in the polls. Being non-scientific doesn't make them useless by a long shot but if it is scientific polls you want then have a gander at this one.


Come November the American people are going to send the Mayberry machiavellians of the Bush administration back home with an "F" on their report cards.
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