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Bloom County
reply to quibbly

Re: Even Balance (PUNKBUSTER) Problems

said by quibbly:
And for those that like when a larger company steps on you, thats ok. I'm one of those people who will fight for my rights. Even over something as simple as a 40 dollar game.

It's all a matter of principle, and I am one of those people who will make a change. I support Even Balance for what they are doing, just not the way that they are going about it.


There is no 'right' to play a game you didn't make and technically do not own (you are given the right to use the software - you technically do not own it). You do not have the 'right' to not be banned. They aren't stepping on any of your 'rights.'

I assume you do not own any MS software??? If you do - when do you plan on suing them for their EULA? They tell you what you are allowoed to put their software on (they tell you the numberr of PC's you can load) - just like all of the other software companies....
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