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Oklahoma City, OK

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Re: Even Balance (PUNKBUSTER) Problems

If this ever makes it to tech tv and a professional is on the pro side, your argument is going to look very very stupid.

You: Punkbuster scans your hard drive
EB: YOU AGREED TO IT. We do it to ensure integrity of the definition files for our program. We do nothing more then make sure you're not cheating(ie.. opengl hacks, game hacks, packet sniffing programs...)

You: If I don't agree to it I can't use the new patch and can't play my online game.
EB: You don't have to have Punkbuster installed to play, and you can still play patched servers that choose not to use the Punkbuster service. It's up to the server's admin weather or not he wants to use our service.

You: Well, my cdkey was globally banned and can't connect to any Punkbuster servers.
EB: Well, you can connect to servers without Punkbuster enabled, or punkbuster servers enabled but global banning disabled. It's up to the server's admin, we only offer them the service, they decide weather they want to use it or not.

You're asking for people not to have a choice AND THAT IS ALL. IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO PLAY ON AN ONLINE SERVER, IT IS A PRIVILEGE.

Basicly you as an individual have to decide for yourself what risks your willing to take and what risks your not willing to take. I'd rather use a system where someone is making money off of anti cheats, then go out and find a "FREE" one where they may cover the cost of their webserver/bandwidth by including spyware... but that's me.

Hey, if you get this EULA to be invalid, you can go after evil norton who scans your hard drive for virii, yeah right, they're stealing my info and when they do an auto update, they transmit my info to a master database. What is this world coming to?

Got Funk??
Lebanon, PA
Dude,you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.Go back,read the entire thread,and then post your opinions.

Don't be a troll.