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Burlington, ON

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Have a problem? Read this before you post.

First up, it seems we need to establish some rules before we get to the guidelines for posting your problems.

No flaming other posters or the technicians, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Bashing the techs is a sure fire way to get your problem overlooked as they are under no official obligation to help you in the first place.

Keep your problem confined to one thread, subsequent threads about the same issue by the same poster will be locked.

Please give a little information in your thread title. eg "Connectivity Issue - Kingston" as "I have a problem" doesn't really tell anyone much. If you're here, we can safely assume you have a problem.

Trolling for the purpose of inciting a flame war or any other purpose will not be tolerated.

Treat your fellow posters and the technicians with the same respect you would expect to receive if you were in their shoes. Would you help someone who was being rude and obnoxious towards you? Probably not eh?

Have you tried the search function for similar recent topics?

Now, if you have a problem that you want a cogeco employee to look into, here are a few guidelines to make the process as painless as possible on both sides. The following information will speed up the process considerably:

1)What, specifically, is your issue?
a) Is there a specific time that this issue is most prevalent?
b) How long has this issue been going on? (days, weeks, months etc)

2) Do you have cable TV? If so, is there any reception degradation..what channels?

3) Have you contacted customer support about this problem? If so, what did they say?

4) What troubleshooting steps have you taken to resolve this problem? (aka: if you haven't tried to help yourself, why should *we* help you?)

5) Info about you:
a) What city are you in?
b) What is your operating system?
c) What is your home network setup? Provide details.
d) If you have more than one computer, is the problem occuring on all other machines?
e) Are you running a firewall of any sort? Have you ever installed one? Did you try to turn it off during troubleshooting?
f) Please supply a traceroute from you to www.dslreports.com. Unedited and in text format. (edit out your IP if you wish).

6) Further Info: If you're posting about:
a) Connectivity issues: Please post a line test.
b) Speed Issues: post at least one speed test. (although these are not considered proof of a problem)
c) Latency: Traceroutes traceroutes traceroutes. Pings too.
NOTE: To do a traceroute in Windows click START > RUN > type in COMMAND > type in TRACERT and the URL (ie: www.broadbandresults.com) then copy/paste the results into your post.

Have your MAC address ready and please be patient, some problems can be solved in a day, some cannot and will take time. The techs that are here are working on their own time and they're an invaluable asset we don't want to lose.

A word from one of our techs
said by nevertheless:
I'd kind of like to add a few personal issues to Lippy's initial statements:

1) I won't accept unsolicited IMs for troubleshooting help. This is a user-forum first and foremost, not a backdoor to customer-service forum.

Use your judgement, but if I haven't explcitly asked for you to contact me about a new issue, please don't, I will ignore it.

2) From now on I will only talk to registered users about the Cogeco Network.

This isn't a bid to get Justin more users, or the Cogeco forum more users, I just plain don't want to have to remember who the heck you are every time you log in, and it's easier to remember an Avatar than it is to remember 100 usernames. (2b: Use an Avatar!)

3) Try to have accurate location information in your profile. Nobody's going to come hunting you down from a post here on DSLR, and it'll make helping YOU way easier for me if I at least know what city you're in.

4) I'm not always right. I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again. My determination/investigation on an issue is usually 'a quick look' and nothing more. I don't really have the time to go in-depth in investigating any single issue as my professional concern is the Network, not individuals.

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