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Burlington, ON

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Site Rules, FAQ and our forum.

As there are many new people in our forum and as some old timers may need a refresher, I thought going over the Site rules and policy might be a good idea. Our forum has been somewhat disrupted lately by some behaviour that violates the terms of use of the site so what better time than now to put everyone onto an equal playing field and give some insight into why certain things happen.

First off, the site terms of service is located here. If you have not read them, I suggest that you do as these are the terms that you are bound by when you make the decision to use this site.

Some highlites:

said by terms of service:
We do not guarantee any information provided in our forums, we disclaim any liabilities for any information we carry. Any information you contribute to the site becomes our property. We reserve the right to edit or remove any postings, or user accounts, for any reason whatsoever
Next up is the site FAQ, located here. This FAQ contains everything you need to know about how this site and the forums work and the expectations of the user.

Some interesting points to be found within the FAQ are:

This link contains the expectations that you, as a user are expected to uphold as a member of this site. It also explains the proper avenue to pursue moderation complaints. The public forum is not the place to do this.

You can't tell me what I can or can't say!
This link addresses among other things, the terms of service, anonymous posting and exactly what the title says. Definitely recommended reading.

What about censorship?
This link deals with exactly what the title suggests.

The rules specific to our forum are located here.

This is our community but there are rules that govern the community and all residents are expected to know these rules, have agreed to these rules and are bound to them when using this site. They aren't difficult and 99% of the populace of the site have no problems at all respecting them but the other 1% that choose to ignore them make it so that posts like this have to be made from time to time. If someone is in breach of the site policy, please use the hey mod feature so that a mod can deal with it, that is what it is there for and that is what the mods are there for. We've spent a long time building up this forum and most of us take a lot of pride in what we've accomplished in the past year. It's up to us, a community to keep the standards high and to allow the forum to thrive.
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Thanks for the refresher Chelle.
The free speech and censorship FAQ's are especially enlightening.

Kanata, ON
reply to Chelle
Thanks for making some clarifications...
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