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Yuba City, CA

Sonicwall VPN wont passthrough my router

i am helping a friend setup his home vpn connection. his laptop is configured with sonicwall vpn client. which works when he plugs strait into his comcast cable modem.

i need it to passthrough his linksys wireless router via 802.11b into his notebook... this is not working.

iv tried finding out what ports need forwarding, set his notebook to the default DMZ... played with sonicwall client settings....

basicly i cannot figure out what appropriat sonicwall client settings/ ipsec, portforwarding etc for the router to get this thing going.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated



Gefilte Guru

Los Angeles, CA
The only thing you should have to do is make sure that ipsec passthrough is enabled,
I have never had to enter any port forwarding
needs to make Linksys to Swall work.

Also try to DISable (just for a test) block wan requests
as the sonicwall software still requires a ping
to the remote LAN to comlpete phase 2.

Also make sure any software firewalls are disengaged
and lastly make sure that the LAN scheme of the client
is on a diffreent subnet than the sonicwall's lan

SOnicwall is 192.168.168.x by default
and Linksys is 192.168.1.x
but that may not be how each side is set up.

Lastly what OS is on the client-
and which sonicwall software are you using

(Global or the older Safenet ?)
Additional Linksys Info ?
Linksys Links

And Also Available:
SonicWall Sites

Temple, NH
reply to Natopotato
download311773M00.zip 124,010 bytes

I was just reading that WebRamp 700S NAT firmware version 5.1.1 and SonicWall/SHOHO2 boxes have an issue with passing multiple VPN tunnels at once.

You can read about it in the enclosed PDF file.