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Forum Rules

We are drafting a simple set of forum rules. If you have ideas for enhancing these, please drop me an IM.

    •The Rules on Posting and Terms of Use apply here and will be enforced.

    •This is a public forum where many people come for help with, and to voice their opinions about, SBC Yahoo DSL. You may voice your complaints regarding their services or policies in a responsible manner. However, this is not a place for you to rant about your ISP or the support you receive. Realize that no ISP is perfect and things can and do go wrong. Try this ... explain your problem providing as much detail as possible. State what speed package are you are signed up for. What manufacturer and model of modem are you using. Are you using a router? Are you using a Firewall? What service area are you located in? You should also provide any information regarding any action you've already taken to remedy the situation ... and then ask for assistance.

    •Don't bash the telephone tech support and then expect one of the techs in this forum to assist you. Courtesy and respect will increase the chances of others attempting to help you find a solution.

    •If you really must rant, then please do so in the Rants Raves and Praise forum, but please read this first.

    •Posts with no substance (ie "SBC Sucks") will be deleted.

    •Two other links you may find helpful regarding your posting are What about censorship? and You can't tell me what I can or can't say!

    •One topic, one thread please. Posts that "hijack" are subject to movement or deletion.

    •Keep it clean and friendly. In other words watch your language. There is no need for profanity, if you can't post politely and intelligently, don't post. Failure to do so may result in the editing, or deletion of your post(s).

    •Interpretation and enforcement of these rules and guidelines are at the discretion of the Mods of this forum. Please direct any questions about the rules and guidelines, or anything related to this forum to the Mods. We will answer as best we can as time permits.

    •If you have an issue with forum moderation, please do not raise your gripe in the public forums. Do not pursue a moderator via instant message or email. To the best of our ability we follow guidelines but are not robots. If you have issues with forum moderation, please take it up only as directed here. You ruin any chance for a hearing by seeking explanations any other way.

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