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Tyngsboro, MA

What does "block sender" do


I was thinking of changing my email address in order to stop unwanted forwards from a friend of a friend. The sending signature is easily identifiable.

The vz "block sender" feature seemed like a good method for this. But what I really what to happen is for the email to get BOUNCED back to the sender - as if the message was undeliverable. I don't want the message to be accepted and place in the trash.

Would anyone know how block sender operates?

thanks, andy

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Stewartstown, PA
Not sure how Verizon email works, but here is something that will bounce email back so it looks like your email address is invalid. I have not tried it myself.
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Tyngsboro, MA
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Re: What does "block sender" do

Thanks for your suggestion.

I was hoping to avoid the use of any 3rd party software because none of them can _really_ bounce an email back to the sender. The mail server still _accepts_ the message in all of the cases when such a program is used.

I'm really interested in hearing about verizon's "block sender" of spam filter. Does is _bounce_ the email back or does it simply accept then move the message to a delete folder?

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Alexandria, VA
No, Verizon's server has to accept it first in order to enforce the rules you provisioned for your e-mail. I have not heard of any servers truly bouncing e-mails since spam-fighting technology is still shaky. If it bounced e-mail before you even saw it, it would be mucho liable for any "friendly" e-mail that you never received.

You'll have to wait a couple years. Until then virtual-bouncing is all you get.
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Tyngsboro, MA
I actually tried using PINE's email bounce feature but vz's SMTP authentication prevents me (anyone) from using another "sender" address. I assume those 3rd party bounce tools would not work either.