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New Overclockers Check In Here

For all of you new to Overclocking the best way to learn is by reading and trial and error. And a good place to start is our overclocking FAQ's if you can't find your answer there try using Google. Also check the Benchmark Club as their screen shots provide valuable information on how they achieved a seat in the Club.

When you first start overclocking read everything you can. Use the "Search" function at the top of the forum (next to my avatar) and search for users who have the same motherboard as you and see what they did to overclock it. A good overclocker will provide as much information as possible so future users can find how they achieved their overclock.

But the best advice I can give you to get started is ...

Read some more

Once you've done that apply what you have read to your computer, trial & error is the best way to learn.

No one in the forum is going to hand you the answers, you have to learn to help yourself before others can help you.


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