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Brooklyn, NY
reply to j_nichols

Re: Speakeasy VOIP?

said by j_nichols:
I'm not too sure if this is such a great idea, security-wise.
internet---->voice term----->linux box(router)---->network

But that lineup is done so the TA can do shaping and a degree of QOS for voice traffic...
said by j_nichols:
The voice terminal stores your user name and password for your speakeasy account.
Why would the voice terminal store your username and password? PPPoE? I'm on static, perhaps they pre-set the details in the TA before it was sent out...

Hmm, there was a "MAC address" setup in the web interface you get (to the service, not the TA) but don't know if it was necessary...



Germantown, TN
I just got off the phone with SE inquiring about the Beta program for VOip.

As a previous poster noted, the Beta test is for anyone that wants to request it. The trial lasts for 2 months at which time you can either keep it or have it disconnected.

SE has the service priced at $30/month. I'm paying $30 month for MCI "The Neighborhood" right now. Free long distance and more importantly, I get frequent flyer miles for every dollar I spend.

I'd love to get completely off of Bell and go VOip but SE needs to make it worth it. I'm not thrilled with the idea of paying the exact same for a service that has the potential for NOT being as reliable as what I currently have. Not to mention the hassle of changing numbers...

Schaumburg, IL
I'm sure they will allow you to port your number. Atleast I would hope so if they want to do well with voip.