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Brooklyn, NY
reply to maynard001

Re: Speakeasy VOIP?

said by maynard001:
I agree...I think. I'm not sure if your post was agreeing with me or questioning my math.
Neither Just pondering my own situation out loud, and comparing to your own...

said by maynard001:
If SE could offer VOip for $15/month, I'd be interested...
Yes... although after brief discussion, the Better Half is now asking difficult questions about the 911 access "in case of the unforseen" and I don't really have good answers. We have a (small) UPS, so if the power dies the DSL, TA and Phone should be good for a little while...

I know this is a bit OT, but... what about the 911 issue with VoIP? Do you care?



Germantown, TN
Yes. 911 service is definitely an issue for me. I know its the one thing that traditional PSTN advocates bring up every time there is a VOip discussion.

I think it's a valid point though. It's ultimately up to the individual if they want to keep it or not...but I'd hate for my 18-month old son to drink a bottle of Drano and not have the ability to dial 911 because I wanted to save a few bucks a month for phone service.

I know it's an extreme example...not likely to happen...but 911 svc. is the kind of thing you won't miss unless you really REALLY need it one day.

Arlington, TX
Real savings start to occur if you're a big LD user or have more than one line.

My old line up.

~90 MCI (Local, LD (unlimited), 2 lines)
~67 Comcast (Basic TV, HSI)

Currently doing

~67 Comcast (Basic TV, HSI)
~30 Vonage (Local, LD (unlimited))
~30 ATT (650 min national)

For me MCI shook things up with the Neighborhood plan 950 unlimited LD). Before that, I felt like I was single handedly financing SBC. My phone bills were running 250-300 a month.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to maynard001
Solid, reliable 911 is crucial to me as well, with a wife and two kids. My hopeful plan, as stated posts above, is to keep a very basic (lowest level possible) landline at about $15/month.
This line currently carries my DSL signal as well.
I'd port our main number over to VOIP and run that, of course, over the DSL line - completely abandoning line 1 but leaving the basic line for power outages and 911.
It all comes down to cost though. We're not big LD talkers (though that may change once my wife grasps the VOIP deal). Our current monthly bill is $50/month, about. Less the $15 basic line, VOIP can't cost more than $35 to make it worthy. $30 may do the trick. $25 and less, DEFINITELY.
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Redmond, WA
said by KoolMoe:
Solid, reliable 911 is crucial to me as well, with a wife and two kids. My hopeful plan, as stated posts above, is to keep a very basic (lowest level possible) landline at about $15/month.
I feel the need to throw my $0.02 in here: In addition to a spouse and kids (especially if one or more of those people is not as technologically adept as the person ordering VoIP), if you have a pool or spa, IMHO it's downright criminal to not have real E911 service. We have a pool in our backyard, and it is secured by a fence, a gate with a high latch and sensor alarms, but in the event someone goes off the diving board the wrong way and slaps their head, we need 911 and we need it fast.

I have tried BroadVoice's in-state $9.95 plan and loved it. The only two reasons we didn't switch were a lack of LNP (which I knew about going in; I was just trying the service out) and E911 missing. I would very much like to hear from some Packet8 users on if their E911 offering works, but that's getting far too off-topic for this forum..
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Arlington, TX
911 is an important factor and if I had kids, a pool or if my mom lived with me, I too would keep pots line up. But, the added competition VOIP has brought to the table with such cheap LD, it should drive the pots LD costs down even further. Similarly, I bet the VOIP co's are working to tie into the 911 system and improve overall stablity to make their service more attractive.