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reply to Karl Bode

NO-CD Policy

Discussion of NO-CD Patches are welcomed and can be only be discussed in this forum if you own the game. It is a well known fact that many gamers tend to own more than one game. Many of these games tend to need the CD in the CD drive while playing, even after installing all of game content on to your hard-drive. I want to protect my investment as much as the game company wants to protect theirs.
said by Ryokincaid:
I own the game. I installed it, installed the NO-CD crack and put the game cd in a cd-binder where it will only see the light of day when I need to re-install. The less a cd is out of it's case, the less likely it is to get scratched.

•It saves wear and tear on the CD-drive. I have a DVD drive and a CD-RW. I don't want to replace either any time soon.
Posting for help regarding a Warez version of any game is against the site rules and is not welcomed here, whatsoever! However, if you feel that a Topic or Post is illegal and not allowed, then please...
said by »Site FAQ »What are the Rules on Posting?
Do not take it upon yourself to point out where other members do not follow guidelines, because that leads to more off topic posts and even arguments. Use the "Hey Mod" button.
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