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Brooklyn, NY
reply to ricep5

Re: Follow the money

do you really expect for 'Joe "DSL" Shmoe' to be able to figure out where his $0.57 go in those piles and piles of corporate paperwork?...even if he'll mange to have access to them

Instead of whining about the collection, why doesn't someone actually go look at their revenue statements and payables and see if some of them are truly "pass-through" or just pure mark up. Caller ID unit cost is 1c per. Good start. What about the rest?
why don't YOU do it? how do you know that caller id cost 1c? did you figure it out from reading their financial statements? or just repeating what everybody else says?
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Jacksonville, FL
Mxxcon sez; "why don't YOU do it?"

I have. I know where the USF mandate money goes. I don't like how its spent, but thats not a telco problem. Some of the other funds are collected to pay for their regulatory expenses with the FCC. Most of that goes to the lobbying effort. However some of those other "fees" are new to me or I haven't seen them in my market.

Mxxcon sez; "how do you know that caller id cost 1c"

I negotiated a telco contract years ago. It's a software module in the switch. The cost of the module from Lucent was negligible then, since the E911 mandate, it has to be a standard now. They are standard on cell phones, the most competitive and cost sensitive telco service going. No extra charge there!

Everyone puts alot of energy into standing on the podium about the fees, but rarely does anyone actually analyze where it goes. I would be interested in seeing how the fees are spent today. Is it really mark up? Or are they just passing on their unregulated costs?