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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

The same thing happened to me. I kept wondering why it wouldn't charge, but then realised it needed a reset.

On your ipod mini, toggle the hold button (turn it on and then turn it off), then hold the Menu and the select button (top part of the click wheel and the center button) for about 10 seconds.

The Apple logo should appear and your ipod will start charging.

Good luck!


Thanks for the great advise druvak. I was having the same problem and tried your tip and now it works!


Brooklyn, NY
reply to druvak
i can't thank you enough for that tip -- i was ready to throw the whole thing out and waste $299 on a new iPod. this works!! i'm very grateful!

Andy B

reply to druvak
That's superb - I was having exactly the same problem, and resetting it sorted it out totally....


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I also wanted to thank you for your great tip! Mine was almost fully charged, so I don't have any idea why it needed reset, but it works great again now. Thanks again!



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very good advice! I was ready to fly back to Miami to get a new one!! (I live in Cayman) I was going mad...thanks again--------------------


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Thanks druvak. I was freaking out too. This seems to be a design fault, as like so many others on the forum I had done nothing that should warrant a reset. Hopefully Apple will sort this out for newer models.


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Thanks! that fixed me up


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just echoing everyone's thanks on the reset tip. saved me time and frustration.


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Excellent advice ! Brilliant I must say.


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perfect!!!! thanks!


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Just came across your posting and tried the advice. It worked first time. Thanks very very much!!!!

dave tave

it doesnt always work.i read that in the book but when mine went off i tried resetting it but it never worked :S


reply to druvak
cheers!! mine was acting up aswell and i couldn't find the manual - i was freaking out coz i thought it was broken!! but i tried what u said and it helped!! THANKS!!!:D:D:D;);)


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I hereby owe you my firstborn child. Thanks! You cheered up my awful day x


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Holy Moly Thanks....How did anyone figure this out??? I just fiddled with it for an hour! Your suggestion worked thanks!!!!!!!

Freehold, NJ
said by sueIpod :

How did anyone figure this out???
it's under troubleshooting in the manual that comes with the ipod
I support the RIAA

Premium,VIP,MVM,Ex-Mod 2005-13
Ringgold, GA
reply to sueIpod
said by sueIpod :

Holy Moly Thanks....How did anyone figure this out??? I just fiddled with it for an hour! Your suggestion worked thanks!!!!!!!
Look above:

said by rjackson:

said by LiquidSnakeRNA :

Apple should include that on their site or manuals, or something!
It's listed on the iPod Support Page Basics: Resetting iPod if it appears frozen or doesn't respond


reply to druvak
thanks for the resetting info druvak! I figured it needed a reset, but had NO idea how to do it (of course it's not just as simple as pressing a reset button, right? they had to go with the next most intuitive option: toggle hold on/off, then press & hold menu and select for 10 seconds..... :>

thanks though!



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You are such a star ...

Had not charged mine for 2 weeks and can you believe is 5 days out of warentee !! Just tried to take it to store and they were rude and unhelpful, someone suggested checking the net and found this post .. all is well with the world now and i have stopped thinking of ways to kill the sales people at apple

Thanks again !!!


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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

this worked for me as well ! Good advice !


reply to druvak
That reset tip was just the ticket! I was horrified when i couldnt make my ipod mini work, you saved the day druvak!:D


not used my ipod in a few months now n i had the same prob - exclamation mark on battery wen tryin 2 charge n i did leave it in for a couple of hrs but ill do it agen ill leave it chargin all night n c wot its like 2 morra ill update 2 tell u if it is fixed



still no luck do i need the ipod software on my PC and mayb updating cuz it still dont work but im still gunna just let it charge


ok neva mind sorted it i used my wall socket plug thingy xD

dan fan

reply to druvak
Dan Given thank you so much for your advice ... I was disturbed by the support I got from an iPod technician who said my warranty expired 120 days ago and I should just purchase another iPod but following your advice to toggle the hold and then hold menu and select button for 10 seconds really worked... God Bless superstar thanks a bundle


For those of you, like me, that the reset hasn't worked for - try ebay. I've just bought a new battery for my mini for £3.99.