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Hurst, TX

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Ok, I use a chat program called BattleCom. I use 4 port BEFSR41 for my dsl connection. Well apparently firmware 1.39 works alittle too well. I used this program before with other versions before and it worked great.I haven't used it in awhile. Now I cant connect to any server now; as in BC servers. On PracticallyNetworked it says to open these ports
IN UDP 2300 - 2400
IN TCP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 47624
IN TCP 47624
So how do I do this? I've tried this in my Forwording page but Im not sure Im doing it right. Im a newby on this kinda matter, so some detail is nessary on helping me with this. Thanks!
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Cape Coral, FL
Your right go to the fowarding and do this:
2300 ~ 2400 Both 192.168.1.X
47624 ~ 47624 Both 192.168.1.X
The X is for what ever computer this is going to for example Hope this helped.
Evans C, MCP


Nolensville, TN
reply to KPSlider
In other threads I have read here you need to disable DHCP on the computer you want to Forward. You need to give it a Static IP of it's own in order to Forward it. Or at least that's the general consensus of what I've read.

Bill III
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Arlington, TX
Seems we have a similar problem here.
I think your right woowoo3. If you go to the forwarding page on the router and click help. I think it tells you there that you have to disable DHCP and then configure each computer seperately.
We're about to break the code on this..

KPslider....what games to you play? Do you play on the zone? Check out my "need help quick" thread and let me know if you've configured the ports for the zone if you do.
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Kingwood, TX
I believe turning off DHCP to use FORWARDING is a technicality, FORWARDING should still work even with DHCP on.

Consider what would happen if you want this setup for forwarding (with DHCP on):

forward port X to ( computer 1 )
forward port Y to ( computer 2 <-- )

If for some reason you power down your system then start powering up, BUT you start with computer 2.

Now your forwarding setup (with DHCP on) will become:

forward port X to ( computer 2 <-- )
forward port Y to ( computer 1 )

The 1st computer on will get the 1st IP address from the DHCP server.


That's why the recommendation to use static addresses (DHCP off) if you want to use forwarding.

forward port X to ( computer 1 with static IP )
forward port Y to ( computer 2 with static IP )

If you experience a power outage or whatever and your system is then restored, your forwarding will remain the way you set it up, whichever computer is turned on 1st.

port X will always go to computer 1
port Y will always go to computer 2

You can use both DHCP and static IP addressing if need be.

For example, my primary PC runs my webserver and ftp server. This machine is assigned the IP address I have all web traffic and FTP traffic forwarded to this IP address.

At the same time, my laptop is using DHCP.

If you follow this approach, you cannot assign a machine an IP address within the range used by DHCP, which is and higher. That is way my PC uses

reply to KPSlider
If you dont have that many PC's they usually will grab the same IP each time they log in. You may want to also try the advanced Tab and turn off WAN blocking( I think this is the option) I had to do this to use VPN when connecting to my LAN at work.

Cape Coral, FL
reply to KPSlider
I have not had any problem running my FTP and Web Server with port fowarding and DHCP. The DHCP usually provisions it the same IP over and over because of broadcasts threw out its times span unless the computer is off when it's time span is up. Then the DHCP puts that IP back in to its "scope" of IP's to be provisioned. It's more deeper than that but that's DHCP in a nut shell.
Evans C, MCP