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Burnaby, BC

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Telus ADSL set-up for SuSE Linux

Telus ADSL setup for SuSE Linux users:

1. Contact Telus Technical Support at toll free 1-877-310-TECH (8324) to register your MAC addresses (ie: 00:81:5E:K9:56:J5) for each Ethernet card and obtain your "host name and domain name" for each of your MAC addresses registered. This means if you have more than one computer you will have more than one MAC address. Telus Support will ask for user verification info such as your username and password provided when you first ordered the service. You can also register online if you have an alternative computer that has internet access. The online registration address for OCA (Online Customer Access) is ( Alberta: http://oca.ab.hsia.telus.net and British Columbia: http://oca.bc.hsia.telus.net ).

2. Open "YaST Control Center/Network Devices/Network Card" and select your Ethernet card model if not already auto-detected. Select "Automatic address selection via DHCP". Click open the tab for "Host name and server configuration" and check "Change host name via DHCP" and "Update name servers and search list via DHCP". In same window there is the option to enter your host name and domain name. Enter the information provided by Telus or online from your account via OCA. Click "OK".



Burnaby, BC

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Received an email from Telus regarding the above information I forwarded to them via email.

Thank you for contacting TELUS. In regard to your inquiry, unfortunately the TELUS Help Desk does not support operating systems beyond Microsoft Windows and certain versions of MAC OS. However, we do appreciate your efforts in helping us. One recommendation I can make is to post this information on a forum, such as broadband reports.
Unfortunate but also a familiar scenario with ISP across Canada. You can take time to help them out by creating guides such as I did which would be useful for their Linux customers but they still want to do things their way. Anyway, at least posting here and at LinuxForum.com should be of help to anyone using their service.

Anyone with information on setting up Telus ADSL on either RHEL/Fedora Linux or Mandrake Linux please let me know. I'll then modify my post here and at Linux Forum to include those distributions as well.


reply to Dark_Knight

with all versions of linux the only thing you need to do once you have registered your mac adderss with telus is install the dhcpcd program ....

then just do

dhcpcd eth0 .. and it will automatically get all the network configuration info from telus' dhcp servers ...

and its understandable why telus doesn't support linux users ... 1. there aren't that many of em ... 2. the people who use linux are generally smart enough to do basic stuff like setup their internet connection