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Re: [Help] How to Dialup to ISP using a cell phone

Yes, I am up on using regular dial up over POTs as I've been BBSing since 89. Started with a 1200 baud Modem, DOS 4.0 and a 286.

Anyway, I found this:

Is Your Cell Phone Ready for the Internet?
»mobileoffice.about.com/od/usingy ··· odem.htm
Using Your Cell Phone as a Modem

Mobile workers will not always have bluetooth enabled or Infrared ready cell phones or laptops. Nor will they always have access to Wi-Fi hot spots when they need Internet access. In these situations it is important for mobile workers to be prepared to use their cell phone as a modem and how they can use the laptop as a modem.

Cell Phone Requirements:

* Compatible with cell service provider.
* Is it web-enabled?
* This means can it handle both voice calls and transmit data. This is often referred to as dual mode. Newer cell phones are web-enabled and come with built-in modems. If you aren't sure about your cell phone, you can check the specificatons in it's User Guide. It should provide that information.
* If you have a cell phone which does not have a built-in modem, you will need to purchase a PC card modem for your laptop.
* The cell phone will need to have a data port.
* Autoswitching between digital and analog with data so that Internet connection is not broken as you roam different locations, while traveling on a train or passenger in an auto for example.

Cell Phone Provider Requirements:

* Offers digital voice service.
* Offers data service.
* Auto switching from digital to analog when digital is not available.
* Free nationwide long distance or free local access numbers nationwide.

Other Accessories Needed:

# Data cable to connect laptop and cell phone.
# Some cell phones have special connection kits which can be purchased from a variety of sources such as the service provider, retail outlets and electronics stores.

Data Service Plans:

Different cell phone service providers and some ISP's offer data connection plans. These plans may have separate data packages that do not require other service plans to be used or are included with your service plan. Service providers that include data service with your voice service may not have extra charges (other than long disance when applicable) and just count the connection time against your service plan minutes. You may have to have your service provider unlock or enable data services on your cell phone in order to use the cell phone as a modem.

Connection Speed:

Using your cell phone as a modem will not be as fast as using a Wi-Fi hot spot or other broadband connection method. The speed will also be affected by whether your connection is analog or digital at the time you are using the cell phone as a modem. If you only require the Internet connection to send and receive email and do light Internet surfing, then the connection speed will be adequate for your needs.

you plan to send or receive large email attachments or download files, then scheduling your travel plans to include having access to a hot spot may be wise. This way you will not spend unneccessary time or expense and will have access to your information at a faster rate.

Now that you know what you need when other Internet access options are available you can use your cell phone as a modem to stay connected.
How To Use a bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone
When no other means of connecting to the internet is available, mobile workers can use their blue tooth enabled cell phone as a modem.
An advantage to using blue tooth is your phone can remain in your laptop carrying case or pocket and blue tooth does not require direct line of sight connection.
If your laptop is not already blue tooth enabled, you can purchase a USB blue tooth adapter.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 mins
Here's How:

1. Turn on the bluetooth enabled cell phone and turn on the bluetooth connection software.

2. Make the phone discoverable.

3. In Windows XP on the laptop go to My bluetooth Places.

4. Select View Devices in Range.

5. After the discovery process is complete you should see the icon for the cell phone.

6. Right-click on the icon and select Discover Available Services.

7. To connect to your cell phone right-click on the Dial-Up Networking.

8. Select Connect Dial-up networking.

9. The phone will ask if you want to accept the connection request, decline or add to paired.

10. The last step pairs the phone and laptop and performs the connection request.

11. You will be prompted to enter a PIN code to pair up the devices, the PIN is entered in the cell phone.

12. A dialogue box appears asking for user name, password and the phone number of your ISP.

13. Click on the dial button to complete the connection.

1. To find devices in range you can click the bluetooth menu and select Search for devices or open Entire bluetooth Neighborhood and press F5.
2. Pairing a phone and laptop will ensure the connection can be established whenever you require it and you don’t have to go through the set-up process each time. If you do not pair the two devices you will have to make the phone discoverable each time.

What You Need:

* bluetooth enabled cell phone
* bluetooth enabled laptop

Doctor Olds

How did you get that shown like that on the page by the way ?

First method is talking about what I Want to avoid which is paying my carrier for GPRS or EDGE (insane like 4$ for 100k)
Second method is what I am doing but it does not work

Doctor Olds
I Need A Remedy For What's Ailing Me.
1970 442 W30
Where is the bluetooth setup failing? Which step of the 13 doesn't work?

I used
 [bquote] text [/bquote]
instead of
[quote] text [/quote]


Doctor Olds