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Telefonica Kit ADSL

Hi everyone, I need to be guided here. I ordered via telefonica's site ADSL modem.They have sent me a 4 port router, as yet I have not contacted them as today is a holiday and as I have just returned from holidays thought I would see if others have had the same problem. Although on their english site they say the instructions will be sent in english, mine are in Spanish. I read basic spanish buit this is so detailed that I don't want to risk it till I have to. I signed up and connected to wanadoo dial-up in spanish and have had o problems but this is a bit different, I think!

So I am currently downlading the instructions for a modem from telefonica in english, but I am guessing here that this will not help me as I have the router'kit ADSL router inalámbrico model 00412716 and not a single use modem. I will see when it's downloaded. Ha anyone else got any ideas of how to get this up an running or where to get the english instructions.

Cheers to anyone out-there


ive installed a couple of telefonica´s 4 port wireless routers - the most important thing is DONT install as single port - always use multipuesto and dynamic ip - basically click on siguente (continue) and it should be ok - you´ll need to have your username and password from the telefonica letter after youre installed so you can "activate" the adsl account and therefore get your emailing details (go to telefonica.net and on the left is the adsl section)


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is that the router that you have to stick the pcm wireless card into? it's crap and the alleged built in firewall sucks (prepare to open your pc's to the world).
what you should do is get yourself a netgear adsl modem/router like i did and connect it up. It is quick, easy, and i can give you all the settings.


yeah, its the standard one (white colour) they charge about 18€ for - i havent tried using the wi/fi and if i was i´d go for a dedicated netgear etc - but as far as ive used 3 so far they are ok for home use but i would never rely on a built in firewall on any modem/router/os


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Calpespain...did you have any success with your router and the English manual?

I would like to know where I can get a download of this, too! I have managed to install the router (even with my decent command of Spanish) but not quite got it right as I can't get the laptop to work - even though I have a strong signal.


its »www.telefonicainenglish.com but i dont think they have the manual for the 4 port router which is a bit stupid since thats the one they give most people


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I've got a netgear adsl modem/router on the way to replace my cheapo Telefonica one. Can you give me the settings? Thanks.


Huntington, MA
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The standard Telefonica username and password for installing either your modem or router is:

Username: adslppp@telefonicanetpa
Password : adslppp

Telefonica ADSL Router Configuration settings are:

PPPoE, VPI/VCI 8/32, Encapsulation Mode LLC/SNAP, DNS [] and [].

I just bought a belkin wireless adsl router connected it up replacing the 3com supplied box and it connects but will no get an IP address from the network.. does anyone have any idea or is it a Lease time issue?



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Similar thing here - got a Buffalo router and was grateful to received the above settings, but still can't get online


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I would gladly pay someone to help me get it up and running


If you are in the torrevieja area contact us via our website. We will be happy to configure your router and test it on our adsl line.



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An English language manual for the Telefonica ADSL wireless router model Xavi X7768r is downloadable from »www.telefonicaonline.com/on/es/a···768r.pdf

I received a letter from Telefonica advising me that the User Name and Password were adslppp@telefonicanetpa and adslppp respectively. However, after pointing my browser at address, these login details were not accepted by the router. After reading the downloaded manual I entered 1234 for both the User Name and Password and successfully accessed the router.

Hope this helps.



Blackwood, NJ
I don't know if anyone can help me, but I have just connected to Telefonica and received a crappy ADSL USB modem. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router sitting right next to me thinking that this USB modem will have an ethernet port to it, but it doesn't. I contacted Linksys, but all they said was get another modem from Telefonica.
Is that my only option? Or can my computer connect to the WRT54G wireless router?


Your WRT54G doesn't work cause it's an ethernet router. You need an ADSL router or purchase and ADSL modem with ethernet interface.

Linksys WAG54G has a built ind ADSL modem.


Blackwood, NJ
Ok, Thanks. If I get any brand ADSL modem (lets say the WAG54G) then I just set it up as normal and telefonica will still work? I am worried that Telefonica will not 'accept' my modem that I buy.


Blackwood, NJ
ok, so I bought a DSL modem with ethernet port (speedstream 5100b). How can I set this up so that the DSL connection runs through this instead of the Telefonica USB ADSL modem? I dont have a installation CD.


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Hi kzinvogon,
Thanks for the Telefonica router settings.
I entered them into my Netgear router and it works a treat.
Which means that the dodgy Telefonica modem I've had for just 2 days has now been consigned to my PC components box!
One little point ... I used your DNS settings which worked ok but thought I'd give the "get automatically from ISP" a whirl and it works fine even though the auto-assigned DSN values are different from those you suggested ...
DNS-1 :
DNS-2 :
Thanks again for the info.

BE an American.

Queens Village, NY

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said by distance1323:

ok, so I bought a DSL modem with ethernet port (speedstream 5100b). How can I set this up so that the DSL connection runs through this instead of the Telefonica USB ADSL modem? I don't have a installation CD.
Get the settings data from kzinvogon post.
Read these:



»Speedstream 5100b hardware configuration

The 5100 has it´s own FAQ:»Efficient Networks Forum FAQ

Telefonica wouldn´t care less what CPE you have(of course they would not support it)
Good Luck!


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dump that thing, the firmware is a "telefonica special" that opens up the port 80 and 23 to from the outside; even if you close these manually, a reset or restart opens them up. it allows telefonica to enter your network and peek around. It also prevents you to use any voip application as these ports (5060)are closed out by the telefonica "firmware".
alfas del pi


reply to calpespain
Hi all,
sorry if this is repeating the above, but can you clarify:
I am using telefonica KIT ADSL modem.
Will I be blocked from using VOIP software?

If so, I have an old Intel PRO/DSL 3220 Modem (from a BT adsl connection when I was back in the UK about 3 years ago) - can I use this?

Thanks for any advice


A short answer to your question is no. With an ADSL modem your computer is completely open to the outside world. Telefónica does not block any ports. I have been using VOIP successfully for several years on a Wanadoo/Telefónica connection with no problems. Just make sure your firewall allows incoming traffic on the necessary ports, for SIP usually 5060 for call set up and a couple of media ports depending on the client.



Thanks Alistair,

I was reading the post further up this topic by "basreflex", but now realise they were talking about a router.

Thanks for your help



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reply to calpespain
I'm using the telefonica router mentioned above and no, I can use VOIP (skype in my case) quite happily You CAN disable it if you wish but it seems fine to me. Pings are a little higher than I'd like (90s rather than my UK ADSL which was around 20-30) but still serviceable. Also, if you have a hunt around on the CD they send you, all the manuals ARE there in english and there's even a funky video.

I have to admit, being an impatient bastard, I skipped their setup program and did it all manually. Works like a dream.

Oh and I just found that my next door neighbour was using my wireless connection to access the net through my ADSL (cheeky b*****d!) so I'm in the process of learning wireless authentication...

All in all, you SHOULD be able to do anything and if you have any problems, you can get pretty far into the guts using the command line interface to make any changes you want.

Wordy eh?

The router manual in English is called "Manual de configuracion web.pdf" on the CD

Hmm... Reallt should've read the date of the last post![/edit]