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Los Angeles, CA
reply to prestonlewis

Re: 5 Dynamic IP(s) - what this means?

Dear djrobx,prestonlewis,

Do you have DSL EXTREME?
5 pppoe was what I thought and want to know how to do it.
But when I chat with tech, he said I have only one dyn ip and told me that statement is wrong. When I ask why, he told me ask to sale cause he can not answer it...
Weird but that's what DSL Extreme tech told me. I send message to sale but no reply yet...

I only care good connection and 5 ppoe is not important if I can not get it but the chat with tech was very disapointing... I thought DSL EXTERME tech very friendly base on the review...

Chatsworth, CA
Hi Meknow -

Most of our dynamic IP packages come with the ability to have 5 dynamic IPS. Although most people do not do it this way if you plugged a switch into your modem and put WinPoet on up to 5 computers you could authenticate and pull a dynamic IP address on each of those machines.

Most people use a router behind the modem to run multiple computers but if you do not want to use a router and just a switch that option is available to you.
Will work for reviews.