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Life on the Upbeat
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Forum Posting Guidelines

The Wireless Security Forum is a place for users to ask questions, and share information, tips, tools and experiences with setting up and maintaining a secure wireless network. The following are some forum guidelines. Please help by becoming familiar with them.

On Topic
If it's really worth saying, and it's not on the original topic or it's something you want help with, start a new thread of your own. Posting off topic is not productive, is confusing, and should be avoided.

Hacking, Cracking, Decrypting & Stealing
Productive discussions about these activities that include tools and techniques useful to protect one from such activities are welcome. However, tools and discussions that encourage or teach these or any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited and will be removed and the poster will be warned.

Trolling and Flaming
When you post something calculated to insult or annoy - when it's personal - when it pertains to the user and not the topic - it won't be here for long. It's always easier to ignore those who try to lure you into a flame-fest, and it makes them look like the troll they are. Bring it to the attention of a moderator, but DO NOT respond in kind, and then seek moderator action against the poster.

Moderator Decisions
Moderator decisions are final. If you have a question about an action of a Moderator, you may contact that mod by IM. Rude or otherwise abusive IM messages will not make your case. Posts related to moderator actions will be deleted without discussion. See also »Site FAQ »What are the Rules on Posting?

BBR Rules
Please review BBR rules explained in several locations such as Terms of use , Privacy Policy and Rules of posting.