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Game Misconduct
Ishpeming, MI

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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

Borrowed from another site. Some repeats and some good info.

-You can chat with everyone in a zone using /1 or /general
-To reply to someone use /r or just press R
-Alt-up repeats the last thing you said
-You can always train in cooking, fishing and first aid
-In most towns, you can right click on a guard to get directions to NPC's. It will even put a flag on your map so you know exactly where to go!
-You learn new spells every 2 levels
-You get rest experience when you log out in towns and double rest in inns
-Shift right click looks all things on a corpse
-Shift click a person name to see info about them
-Ctrl click to send them a /tell
-Alt click invites to a group
-Shift click an item in chat will link it and can be clicked on to see the info. This works on all channels but general
-/1 is general chat, /2 is trade in capitol cities and /3 is defense channel
-Use the auction house to your advantage. Check it to see what things are selling for than go down by a little bit and always set a buyout for quick selling
-Mining is one of the best gathering skills for money
-To take pictures, hit the button prt scr button. They than go to your screenshot folders and are in .tga format. To see these go to www.irfanview.com
-Its better to get lots of quests and do them all before turning them in
-You can use the mail boxes to send money and items to other players. Mail that is only text, or includes money will be delivered instantly. Mail with items attached takes 1 hour to be delivered. It costs 30 copper to send any message.
-Numlock is autorun
-Alt Z hides your UI
-You can set in keyboard settings to look behind you while running to a key
-When you want to reply to a private /tell after someone else has sent you a tell, use 'Tab' key after hitting 'r' to reply to scroll through all the people that have recently sent you.
-You can hover over blips on your mini map to see what they are
Those wearing Kevlar need not apply.

Yoiks and Away
Alexandria, VA

Good stuff... I can never remember the Shift/Ctrl/Alt clicking.