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Mediacom Customer Service

Springfield, MO

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Useful Links For Customers!!

Here are some useful links for customers to go to if they have questions or want more info about service. Feel free to add to the list. Mod, can we get a sticky for this?

A list of current Fox affilliates that are broadcasting in HD.

»www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthre ··· d=409554

How stuff works. This link is for information about HDTV. If your confused on
how it works or want to know more about it.

»electronics.howstuffworks.com/hd ··· hdtv.htm

This link is how cable tv in general works:

»electronics.howstuffworks.com/ca ··· e-tv.htm

How cable modems work:

»www.howstuffworks.com/cable-mode ··· odem.htm

Link to Motorola Modems, Data sheets and Drivers

SB3100 »broadband.motorola.com/noflash/s ··· 100.html

SB4100 »broadband.motorola.com/noflash/s ··· 100.html

SB4200 »broadband.motorola.com/consumers ··· /sb4200/

SB5100 »broadband.motorola.com/consumers ··· /sb5100/

RCA DCM305R »www.rca.com/product/viewdetail/0 ··· 00.html?

RCA DCW615R »www.rca.com/product/viewdetail/0 ··· 00.html?

RCA DCM315R »www.rca.com/product/viewdetail/0 ··· 00.html?

Links to digital boxes that we use:

DCT1700 »broadband.motorola.com/catalog/p ··· ctID=345

DCT2000 »broadband.motorola.com/catalog/p ··· ctID=226

DCT5100 »broadband.motorola.com/consumers ··· dct5100/

DCT6200 »broadband.motorola.com/consumers ··· dct6200/

DCT6208 »broadband.motorola.com/dvr/dct62 ··· 6208.asp

DCT6412 »broadband.motorola.com/dvr/dct64 ··· 6412.asp

Motorola DVR manual

»broadband.motorola.com/dvr/downl ··· nual.pdf

Cable Modems and Wiring Issues

»Cable Modems and Wiring Issues

Mediacom FAQ

»Mediacom FAQ

Motorola High Def Handbook

»broadband.motorola.com/hdtv/MOTO ··· Book.pdf

Connecting to Xbox Live with Mediacom Online Internet service

»www.xbox.com/en-us/live/connect/ ··· acom.htm

Webmail, Mediacom's E-mail login page

»commcenter.mchsi.com/wmc/login?a ··· sid%3Dc0

Mediacom's Online Help Topics
From configuring email to what modems we suggest.


Helpfull Numbers:

Customer Service in the Midwest

800-444-5353 or 800-875-0894

Tech Support

(800) 874-2998

Customer Service in Southern Areas

800-476-1163 or 800-239-8411

Tech Support


Customer Service in Northern Areas


Tech Support


Customer Service In Mid-Atlantic


Tech Support