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Valley Stream, NY
reply to Network Guy

[Business] Re: FIOS scheduled for Bronx NY yet?

I wonder when Brooklyn will see FIOS.


Brooklyn, NY
I just called Verizon. Lady says she has no idea when Fios will be available in any of the 5 B's because of all the multi dwellings. She swears its not available yet in any of NYC


Forest Hills, NY

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I can answer that right now: June to July 2005 for the earliest NYC deployments for you to order service. Staten Island (limited parts maybe, they are working hard pulling fiber now all over) and Queens in Bayside,Oakland Gardens, Douglaston, Little Neck as those areas are just finishing up.

For the majority we wait to see how it works out and how fast they progress it.

In terms of Bronx, for some areas which have a VERY HIGH percentages of single family homes, we COULD see availability in by September 2006 assuming they start doing more than poll rehab work within the next month, thats just a personal guess.

FIOS deployment takes time, but it goes faster once more permits AND employees come online. The more money Verizon makes, the more employees it highers and the quicker it goes! So hang in tight. Verizon wants 3 million homes passed by year end. That still leaves plenty of us out of the loop so far.