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reply to captnhook

Re: Problem after MS update KB891711

I just have the same experience. After applying KB888113 and (KB)KB891711 I could not start my Enternet 300 connections (blue screen crash). The update are "pushed" by the Windows automatic update or by searching for Updates on the Windows updates site. The operating system is WinME. I was just looking for a solution. Any help is welcome



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To order to remove KB891711, the MS tech had me boot into safe mode and use add/remove in settings to delete it from my system. The KB888113 patch doesn't seem to be problematic for me.
Just deny the updates for KB891711 from being installed in the future.

You didn't mention if you're running proxomitron or some other ad-killing program but in my case proxo was positively conflicting with the KB891711.exe.
Still no word back from MS yet...



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Dear captnhook,

I remove the KB891711 just by doing a restore of the "system checkpoint": "update windows v 4". This restore point is automatically taken before the install of KB891711.

The only ad-killing software I am using is POW.EXE and not proxomitron. As already stated: I noticed the problem only when I try to connect to the Internet using ADSL enternet 300 software. I suppose that people suffering from the "blue screen" at StartUp, are doing some kind of direct connection to the internet at StartUp. In the knowledge base from MS I see also that this KB891711 is updated recently: »www.microsoft.com/technet/securi···002.mspx .

I have also a second machine running WinXP SP2, but this OS does not requires this correction.


I have win98se and Kaspersky antivirus.
After installing KB891711 I had a BSOD screen at startup with an error 06.
I uninstalled it, now the system boots correctly.

I'm waiting for the "patch of the patch"


Richmond, BC
reply to captnhook
I'm running Windows 98 SE and have installed the Kb891711 update.

Internet Explorer *always* dies with a BSOD and several games abort (no BSOD) if I run Kazaa Lite. This happens even if I shut down Kazaa Lite before running the other programs.

If I do not run Kazaa Lite, everything is fine.
If I reboot after running Kazaa Lite, everything is fine.