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Rosharon, TX

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Post your ISP and ISP History

Maybe it'd be somewhat beneficial to have an official list of tried and tested ISPs from each user. Sure, there are SO many variables, but it should help provide as a good point of reference.

Note: This is for reference only. There are too many variables in ISDN to determine a solid conclusion. A service can be good for one guy, and bad for the next.

Note: If an isp you have or had has already been listed, POST your review anyway, preferrably in the same format (makes it much easier to read). Even if it is/was a local isp, post it.

isp: Localnet
Website: »www.localnet.com
Price/Service Selected: $9.95 Dial-up Account
ISDN Service Profided?: No
Comments: These guys have I believe a $12 sign-up fee. Well, I found out why shortly after realizing I wasnt going to get a dual connection. Their site is quite misleading when it comes to whether or not you'll get a dual connection. Although, some people have had a good experience with them, so, unfortunately, this is like SBC/Yahoo, on the trial & error list, with a $12 fee.

isp: Intergate
Website: »www.intergate.com
Price/Service Selected: $9.95 Dial-up Account
ISDN Service Profided?: No
Comments: Dual channel will work great about two weeks, then poof, account/number locked.

isp: Ace Dialup
Website: »www.acedialup.com
Price/Service Selected: $25 128K ISDN/Multilink
Comments: Probably woulda worked great, but I couldnt get access, cuz of the results from the isp above. # is blocked.

isp: Highstream
Website: »www.highstream.net
Price/Service Selected: $8.95 Dial-up Account
ISDN Service Provided?: No
Comments: I'm using these guys right now for a single channel connection. I e-mailed asking them if they'd allow TWO simultaneous logins under one account, even if paid for it, and they said no, two accounts are needed. They do have a nice free 14 day trial though.

Orange, TX
isp: SBC/Yahoo
Website: »login.yahoo.com/config/login?.pa ··· hoo.com/
Price/Service Selected: $9.95 Dial-up Account
ISDN Service Provided?: No
Comments: Dual channel, your results may vary. Be sure to call for sign up and specify that you can't get DSL, they will drop the price from $15.95 to $9.95. I've had good results for over two years.
Also check here for a good review:»brawney.com/sbcyahoo.aspx
Firefox - The only way to go


Holland, MI

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reply to empire5
isp: LocalNET
Website: »localnet.com/
Price/Service Selected: $9.95 Dial-up
ISDN Service Profided?: No
Comments: $12 setup fee as empire said. It takes about 4 calls seomtimes a few more to get the second channel connected sicne they don't support dual channel, but once it is connected it is fine. I have had other problems w/ their service being down plus the dual channel problem, I am thinking of switching to SBC/Yahoo since it is the same price, and almost everyone has had a good experience with them.

Provoice just DO it

Mulberry, FL
reply to empire5
isp: Access Unlimited
Website: »www.acun.com/
Price/Service Selected: $39.95 ISDN 2B 128K MLPPP
ISDN Service Provided?: YES, »www.acun.com/Access.html
Comments: GREAT LOCAL isp for the Sarasota, Bradenton, & Venice Florida area. NO PORT BLOCKS! VERY TOLERANT of 24/7 2B connections. Will disconnect about every 8 hours or so, but routers can immediately re-connect with no timeouts. Zero issues with them. Left ONLY because I needed more speed for cable since DSL is NEVER COMING to my area. I 100% recommend them to any one in the area. Uses THEIR OWN POP's NOT uuNet etc.. Private POP's!

isp: Internet Junction
Website: »www.ij.net
Price/Service Selected: $19.95, 2B 128K MLPP
ISDN Service Provided?: YES »www.ij.net/dialup/index.shtml
Comments: GREAT REGIONAL isp! From V.90/92 to DSL or Cable they have Tampa Bay covered. When I wanted more speed I chose to get cable modem service via IJ.net, you can read the review here: »Review of Internet Junction Corp by rec9140 I chose them for the reasons in the review and ISDN BACKUP. 128K MLPPP to DEDICATED 128K MLPPP numbers. NO PORT BLOCKS! They use THEIR OWN POP's in the Tampa Bay region, no UUNet etc. with the 150 hour limits and 2B support like many of the national isp's.

For a NO HASSLE GUARANTEED 128K MLPPP connection I ALWAYS suggest a LOCAL/REGIONAL isp. There is NOTHING WRONG with the SBC/Yahoo! etc. but my time is worth the extra $$ to guarantee I am getting a 128K MLPPP connection every time, or being blocked etc.. Actually I prefer an isp I can show up at their office within a 30 minute drive. For ISDN you will get less hassles if you pick some one local.

End of the line DSL sucks.
Charlestown, IN
reply to empire5
isp: Iglou
Website: »www.iglou.com
Price/Service Selected: Dual Channel ISDN with 400 channel hours per month
ISDN Service Profided?: Yes
Comments: Iglou is a great little regional isp. They offered $19.95 a month unlimited dial up before most anyone else did. At $39.95 a month for 400 channel hours, it's a little pricy for ISDN, but you can't beat the service. I have been a customer for 10 years. And besides, I didn't have to mess with changing my email address.


Cadillac, MI
isp: Localnet
Website: »localnet.com/
Price/Service Selected: $99/yr. Dial-up
ISDN Service Provided?: Yes
Comments: $11 setup fee, I thought. No problems with connection on either of 2 ISDN setups. Unlimited hours. Check phone # list for ones with a *, those support ISDN (at no extra charge).
Bad: They block ping.


Moss Landing, CA

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reply to empire5
isp: ISDN.ws
Website: >> »www.ISDN.ws
Price/Service Selected: Residential 128K Dedicated ISDN- Monthly Fee: $59.95
Comments: Make only One Connection for the duration of your account. Number of Email Addresses: Unlimited, Static IP Included, Dialup Account to use when you are on the road Access to 24/7/365 Emergency Pager, Unlimited Web Space, no port blocking. This is the best isp, and plan out there for gaming. They give you a fast, direct connection to all the servers through the internet backbones. I signed up for a year and got a new Cisco 804, plus my second year free. My PcPitstop.com test results are 118/126, and my pings to yahoo and many gaming servers are 41 to 44ms . Its nice because I will theoretically only ever have to make one connection for the 2 years I will have service with them, and it always connects on both B channels. They have more ISDN access numbers in all the towns around me than AOL. The same is probably true for the rest of the States.

isp: ISDN.ws
Website »www.ISDN.ws
Price/Service selected: Residential 128K Unlimited Dual Channel ISDN - $29.95
This is the plan most people would go with. I would not use the free modem that comes with this package. Tell them to credit your account. Though the hours are unlimited, you may only stay connected for 15 hours a day, Which is sufficient for most, and it doesn't matter what time of the day you can use it. On a positive note, this company specializes in ISDN, and know more about it that any other isp out there. This is a quality company with great prices for the solid connection they give you. You just cant beat those 40ms ping times.

around $20
Worst service Ive ever had, never connected on both channels, though i was billed for using both channels. 7k was the fastest i saw, so yeah i was pretty mad, as they sold me the equipment, but kept saying everything was looking good...we cant guarantee the distances for the speeds your getting but we can bill you $200 a month! ugh