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Bend, OR

3CR860-95, 3CR870-95 New Firmware

If you have a 3CR860-95 Secure Router or a 3CR870-95 VPN Firewall, 3COM has released new firmware that allows you to change the IDS firewall parameters if you have a fast connection that causes your IDS to blacklist web sites, when there isn't an actual attack against your router.

3CR860-95 1.04 April 4, 2005

3CR870-95 2.01 April 4, 2005

Some Web pages would get wrongly blocked by the IDS. The IDS threshold parameters are now visible on the Firewall Advanced tab so that end users can optimize the values for their own environment.

The new 3CR858-91 Cable/DSL Router already had this capability when it was initially released.

I have had this problem and reported it to 3COM since 2003 with the 3CR856-95 Cable/DSL Secure Gateway and then again with the 3CR860-95 Secure Router in 2004, after my ISP increased my download speed from 2Mbps to 3Mbps. If you have a fast download speed and go to a web site and notice that the web site just stops responding, then likely you have this problem and unless you review you logs and follow-up on the reason, you maybe unaware that it is happening.

It is easy to reproduce if you increase your number of open TCP connections under IE from 1 to 10, to increase web page download speeds.