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Can't wireless connect to 327W

I've got a problem:

I just bough a Del Inspiron 6000 with dell 1450 WIFI.
It can see the router, but when I'm trying to connect - It doesn't connect. I would think it's a WIFI card problem, but I can connect to my neighbor's Linksys though. I would think It's a router, but my old dell 600M with intel WIFI connects to the route with no problems.

I've downloaded latest WIFI drivers - Didn't help.

I don't know what to do.
Any advise/help/experince is appreciated.


Beverly Hills, CA
Maybe you have "802.11g-only" enabled on
the Westell, whereas could change it to
802.11b+802.11g !!!

Also, there could be WEP running.

All these settings can be tweaked by going
into the wireless page @,
in configuration > wireless ....

If there are mac filters, you would need to EDIT
the advanced configuration, on the same screen.


It's set on mixes mode, wep disabled and no MAC filters.
As I said, I can connect to the router with my old dell 600m laptop.


Beverly Hills, CA
try changing the channel from 6 to 1, or 11;
try changing the fragmentation to 2304;
try 4X Support = disabled;
try open system authentication;
try hide SSID = disabled;
try a long preamble algoritm (vs. STA).
try moving your laptop at least 6 feet away from 327w unit.


Tried everything - no luck

Should I call verizon to replace my router???


Beverly Hills, CA
Probably you need someone to show you how to
use the wireless inside windows XP.


Saint Paul, VA
reply to betep
I was having the same problem with my dell 1450 and the versalink. the only way that I could get it to work is to disable the 802.11h in the advanced section of the wireless card properties. After that it worked just fine.
hope this helps