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How do you test your DSL line for noise ?

I have been getting pings 70 higher than people on the same ISP as me and using the asme modem .I have 512/128 ADSL and I live close to my exchange ,I get very good download speeds .My phone line is only 2 years old and the entire town I live in is only 30 years old so most of the wiring in the area is relatively young.People have been telling me that I may have a noisy phone line that my ADSL is on .What I wanted to know is it possible to test this myself or is it a job for the phone company .Also if it is a noisy line ,can they fix it and what would this involve .Uf anyone can help me with these questions I'd really apreciate it ..this problem is driving me nuts ...


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Mikka -- Might want to tell the forum who your ISP or Provider is, that will surely get you some response from someone I would think? You see I have SWBell DSL and if I were looking for that kind of answer I would "gingle up" ASI tech's number and they could check it. It could be someone entirely different with your ISP.....see what I mean! RamblingRam (Ed)

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reply to Mikka
Also to add to that do you have your filters in place on all phone jacks used except for the one used by your ADSL?

Second do you hear any line noise when you pick up the phone and dial 1

What kind of noise are folks telling you they are hearing?
Buzzing, static, clicking or what?
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said by Skipdawg:
except for the one used by your ADSL?

What about when you also have a phone to plug in and another jack is upstairs and already used by another phone?
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reply to Mikka
Your ISP's tech service should be able to check your DSLAM stats to see what sort of line noise levels you have.

Also, you can usually telnet to external ethernet modems/routers/bridges to see what your line noise is (far and near), whenever you want, and in the comfort of your own home. But, you'll probably need your ISP's help to do this, and many don't support this action. What kind of modem do you have?

The problem is interpreting the numbers. Generally you'll get a signal-to-noise ratio called a "noise margin", measured in db (decibels). A noise margin of 6-7 db is bad, and you generally can't keep a sync below that that. A good noise margin is greater than 15 db.

The db measure is on a logarithmic scale. So, a 6 bd noise margin is 10*log(4)=6, meaning there is only 4 times more signal power than noise. A 15 bd noise margin is 10*log(32)=15, meaning there is 32 times more signal power than noise.

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reply to Mikka
Lastly are you in the same general location as the "others" you are comparing pings with???
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