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L Dude 7

Sunnyvale, CA

Excessive Sessions Warning

I have the 2Wire HomePortal 1800HG. I don't have anything plugged in to it, but have two laptops connected to it wirelessly.

I have recently been getting the excessive sessions warning message for one of the laptops. I ran a virus scan on the computer, rebooted the computer, and monitored network traffic. There didn't seem to be much of anything coming from that computer. (No file sharing, no games on that computer, pretty much just web browsing, email, and launchcast.) Yet, I still seemed to get the warning message. I disabled the warning and can now go back to normal activity.

Is there a good way to find what the Homeportal considers to be 'excessive sessions'? Does it keep logs somewhere that indicate what the problem might be?

From an earlier post, it was suggested to reduce the timeouts. I had previously set the DHCP timeout to 96 hours. I just reduced that down to 24, and then also reduced TCP and UDP timeouts - guessing that perhaps some stale connections were creating issues. Still, I would like to know why I am getting the error.

I did notice one item in the log:
session table 736/1024 available, 0/512 used in inbound

Could it just be hitting a limit there, and having problems because of that?

Use The Search Function
Liberty, MO

Excessive Sessions warnings have been triggered by some games where there is a list of hundreds of servers, with Peer 2 Peer file sharing applications where a large number of sessions are opened and closed constantly.

You can go to »gateway.2wire.net/management
click on Firewall Detailed Information
You can then see which client has all the sessions coming to and from it as well as what ports that is on.
Googling the port numbers will point you in the direction of the application responsible.

You can limit the number of sessions created by many applications within a particular time period.