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The Kapil

Chicago, IL

What kinda' question is this?

Children in China should have the right to not be forced to work in sweatshops.

The fact that fatasses in America and elsewhere in the developed world can use their Broadband to order the products of those sweatshops like Nike and Gap is a luxury.

Running water should be a right and is basic enough of a need to be considered utility. Broadband so you can get your daily fix of pron faster is a luxury.
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Um ... China has far better broadband penetration than the United States. I'm sure many children in China would consider it a utility. Also, the days of Chinese sweatshops may be numbered. Today, the Chinese government unhinged its currency from the dollar, so pretty soon, hopefully, China's currency will increase in value and imports and exports will be more balanced. That would be good news for citizens and workers in China and the international economy. In some time, one could imagine China trying to modernize its exports (so as to produce cars and jet planes and robotics) thus thrusting itself into the realm of modern global markets such as the United States and Japan (its already on the cusp, afterall. It is the number 2 economy in the world). With a $6 billion, you can believe that the government has some money to spend.