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Its' Only Temp
Belvidere, NJ

This is so stupid!

As said before todays way of living the big info age
Dr's using internet for surgery etc... video conf. at first a luxury ,But know look at all that is being done
But the best of it all is yet to come.Think of what is going to be in 5 years.What you don't have email,you can get it on our website,hello this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!!! internet broadband is a tool most of all
The companies have to stop gouging our pockets of the last dime some times money isn't the answer that is what is keeping America down in the tech Field putting $$$ first
kills the advancement to a crawl!!! Look at all the other countries passing us by Hey CEO's want to give your company a big profit boost cut your wage by 75% That would be a big boost to alot of company's income I have done it even some services for free
Yes I am a Doctor and no you still must make an appointment Mors ultima linea rerum est stercus accidit Quando podeces te regi eorum fecerunt?

You bring up an interesting point as to why the tech sector throws economics off so much.

Advancement in technology is not always good in the eyes of capital. Even if it is obviously good.

For example, company A produces 16 drugs for cancer type C.
Company As main source of revenue is the 16 drugs for cancer type C. Researcher at company A finds a way turn those 16 drugs into one drug. That one drug will essentially cure cancer type C.

If cancer type C is cured, the company collapses. Therefore, it is good for company A to NOT market the drug (if you are a laissez-fairest above all else that is).

There are many instances where this is the case. The problem is that not every company markets one thing. That is the big problem with the oil industry, in my opinion. Oil produces make a host of products. If hydrogen was introduced as a legitimate energy alternative, those companies would lose those oil profits and many other sectors of the economy would collapse as well, even though hydrogen would be a far more efficient and cheaper resource.

Of course, I don't initially see any connections with that and broadband, but Et tu, your somewhat off-topic rant is appreciated.