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Seward, AK
reply to N3OGH

Re: Luxury

While your points are very valid, I would still have to say its a utility. there are many people who need internet access, especially broadband, to conduct thier lives. I do all my banking online because I dont get off work untill the banks are closed, the store I work for recently told us that they wont give us pay stubs anymore, we have to go online and see them, etc. I know I COULD still do those things on dial up, but, that would tie up the phone line, and the cost of two lines and a dial up ISP is about the same as one broadband account. Also, since we dont have call waiting, (its like an extra $10 package for call waiting/caller ID and stuff), when I did have dial up, I couldnt stay one long enough to do anything useful because I didnt want to miss a phone call.

I see points on both sides, but for me, and many others I'm sure, it would seriously hamper our ability to conduct our dialy lives without it.
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Saint Louis, MO
Try looking at it from this angle. All of those things you do online just offer a higher level of convienence. Banks can be visited ( im with you on the never open part. I work nights as well) and bills can be mailed. While broadband and the internet as a whole has made your life easier, you wouldn't be left cold or in the dark without it. Im not saying your wrong at all, Im just playing Devil's Advocate.
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