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Topeka, KS
reply to justin

Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

Another tip - shift right click also will auto loot skinning, mining, herbalism, fishing, clams, chests, crates, and pretty much anything that will give you loot with the "use" icon(the gear looking one).

Rogues - See someone selling a lock pick? Don't buy it. You'll get one free with the rogue quest you'll undertake to learn lockpicking.

Not sure of which profession to take? You'll be able to get them in the first or second town from the newbie area. The most useful pairs are skinning/leatherworking, herbalism/alchemy,and mining/blacksmith or engineer. Tailoring doesn't have a match per say, but most who take it also take enchanting. Can you wear leather armor? Leatherworking allows you to make armor that may very well be better than what you can buy or find. Same goes for cloth wearers and tailoring, and mail wearers and blacksmithing. A blacksmith can also create weapons.

Change your mind about what profession(s) you chose? You can change, but all that learned knowledge goes away - even if you go back to that profession.

Cooking is also a reasonable money maker at higher skill levels. That body part you looted off of a beast that sells for 50 copper? If its used in cooking, along with some inexpensive ingredients, often sells for more than the uncooked version, even taking into account the cost of the extra ingredients.
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Oakton, VA
I've also heard that First Aid is a very good profession to learn.