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North Ridgeville, OH

Level3 pulls plug on Cogent

Does anyone have any information on the Level3 cogent Peering issue? It appears that Level3 has pulled the plug on cogent stopping all traffic to and from the cogent network. I have very limited information other than: »status.cogent.com/


Premium,VIP,MVM,Ex-Mod 2005-13
Ringgold, GA
cogent.com is not cogent's website. The status page is »status.cogentco.com/


San Jose, CA
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** cogent Network Status Report Last Updated Wed Oct 5 17:45:01 2005 **
Network Status: Warning
DNS Servers Status: Normal
Dialup/IPASS Status: Normal
Mail Servers Status: Normal
Webservers Status: Normal

cogent Network Status/DNS Server Status Description:
Date: 10/05/2005

Level 3 has partitioned its part of the Internet from cogent's part of the Internet by denying Level 3's customers access to cogent's customers and denying cogent's customers access to Level 3 customers. Level 3 terminated its peering with cogent without cause (as permitted under its peering agreement with cogent) even though both cogent and Level 3 remained in full compliance with the previously existing interconnection agreement.

Many Level 3 customers can still exchange traffic with cogent customers because the Level 3 customer is multi- homed, i.e. it also has a connection to cogent or to one of the many other networks with which cogent has a peering relationship. As described below cogent is offering a solution to Level 3 customers that are not multi-homed.

cogent will offer any Level 3 customer, who is single homed to the Level 3 network as of October 5, 2005, one year of full Internet transit free of charge at the same bandwidth currently being supplied by Level 3.
cogent will provide this connectivity in over 1,000 locations throughout North America and Europe.

cogent is committed to an open Internet. The existing interconnection facilities between Level 3 and cogent remain intact. cogent hopes that Level 3 will reactivate these connections, restoring a full level of service to their customers.

For more information on cogent's offer of free Internet transit, please call:
NORTH AMERICA: 1-877-875-4432
EUROPE: +33 (0)1 49 03 19 30

Email/Webmail Service Status Description:

Dialup/IPASS Service Status Description:

Webhosting Server Status Description:

Planned Outages, Upgrades & Maintenance:


Unless otherwise noted, maintenance issues are handled between the hours of 3:00am and 7:00am local time at the affected site with our aim to be complete by 6:00am.

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Discussion in progress here: »Level 3 Peering Changes Causing Headaches


Vernon Hills, IL
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Thank you for the post. This explains the problems I've been having.