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Brookings, SD
reply to lostlife

Re: [RANT] [Ridgecrest, CA] What is Mediacom doing!?

295 download to Speakeasy in Chicago @ 9:30pm.
I feel your pain.



Re: [RANT] [Ridgecrest, CA] What is Mediacom doing

That's right, down. Want to move to Ridgecrest? We are supposed to get a bunch of people moving here because of brac, the estimate is in the thousands according to the local paper. Now you see why we're pissed. We are supposed to be number 2 or 3 in the state of California with the size of customers on a Mediacom block, but we don't have any competition and this is how we are treated because of it. Think about the explosion to the headend when this happens. We will keep posting the download numbers in hopes that Mediacom at least gets embarrassed by their service here, but I doubt it because they are having portfolio issues.


Ok, my numbers for tonight, I use Seattle for consistancy and here we go...............411 down and 165 up and it is 6:50 pm

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My service is significantly better this weekend over last. Last weekend my service was brought to a stand still - I could not even send e-mail. Current speed check at SpeakEasy in Seattle at 14:59 shows 2292 down and 233 up.


Ridgecrest, CA
See: disclaimer
Showing ZIP 93555 mchsi.com
Note: duplicate results from the same IP are ignored. Best speed only shown.
Dwn/up Claimed
ISP User @ ZIP User
Has Day
(EST) domain
2929/175 Mediacom anon @ 93555 2nd 04:23PM client.mchsi.com
1369/240 mchsi.com anon @ 93555 29th 10:38AM client.mchsi.com
1266/239 anon @ 93555 30th 10:54PM client.mchsi.com
1053/230 anon @ 93555 30th 10:52PM client.mchsi.com
871/231 anon @ 93555 30th 10:45PM client.mchsi.com
327/212 mchsi.com strange_69 See Profile @ 93555 5000/256 7th 11:41PM client.mchsi.com
comment: 'medicom ridgecrest sucks'
207/83 ridgenet.net anon @ 93555 128/64 6th 01:16PM client.mchsi.com

Speed still sucks.
Vonage user since Mar 2004.


Ridgecrest, CA
I'm in the college height area (fiber not copper), so I don't have a choice. Verizon won't get off their ass and upgrade our fiber for fios so I dumped them for Vonage. Vonage worked great until a couple of months ago when Mediacom decided that they would charge high speed prices for low speed internet (3pm-10pm). Anyways, I am about at the end of my rope. I am tired of paying 53$ for internet that is sooooo sloooow but I have no choice and I am not going to give up the superior quality and reliability of DirecTV to lower my bill. My only hope is that Verizon will wake up and offer naked fios, it is a way better deal (5000 up/2000 down for 40$).
Vonage user since Mar 2004.
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