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Cheyenne, WY
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Re: Screwed up my Actiontec modem?

If the wireless light is blank, then it indeed has been reset. For what it's worth, in the future you should NEVER access the actiontec via the wireless. In many situations the wireless is affected with what you are changing, and it's impossible to make and save changes via wireless if the wireless is what's being changed.

Having said that, first thing to do is with the modem powered up and the first 3 lights green, push AND HOLD the little reset button on the back of the modem until all the lights go out and just the power light goes red. Release the button and wait till the first 2 lights are green. You should NOW be able to access the modem via the ethernet cable. Hopefully when you plug the computer into it via ethernet, the 4th light will go green. The 3rd may be blank or red because the user name doesn't exist any longer.

Then, if you don't feel comfortable, you can use the disc and set up your dsl. If you are like MOST of us, the disk's job in life is to be a fris-bee and you will set it up manually with the Later... Mike....


Eden Prairie, MN
I've tried what you've said, I even found a link about using the firmware recovery program that's on the Actiontec CD, but the disk program can't find the modem/gateway (lol, and neither can I via the I've made sure that my ethernet card is set to 'obtain IP address automatically'. Went and did 'ipconfig /release' and /renew.

I think it's fried.

I know I shouldn't access the modem wirelessly but I've done it infrequently in the past with good results. Geesh the price I pay for being lazy (why couldn't I fry my modem when the 2Wire modems are actually available?!! .

So lesson learned (and thank goodness for my old Intel 2200 modem).


Opelika, AL

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You could try this.

set up static IP on a computer with ethernet cable.

use the link below

section B Static IP Address on the Computer 115

where it says gatway put in

»www.actiontec.com/pdf/um_en_dmwg ··· dmwg.pdf