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Milwaukee, WI

[TWC] Upload speed has gone down

Hi guys,
I've had RR for over 3 years now, and have been very happy with it. 2 days ago I started having problems with my upload speeds. Seems that I can't get over 100kbps on multiple speed tests. I called RR and they say everything is fine. Rebooted my cable modem a dozen times with no luck. I also got a different router, and no change. It seems to come and go as last night, it was fine. I have also tried using different computers with no luck. Has anyone else experienced this?



Green Bay, WI
I'm in Green Bay and have Earthlink through TWC so a few differences but my upload speed is generally in the 356kbps range. Still slower than some DSL but there's really no incentive for TWC to increase RR so therefore no incentive for any of the other competing cable broadband companies either. As a matter of fact I got a snotty response from a TWC employee regarding their 384kbps upload speed not that long ago. "We've been at 384 since we started offering it. Try getting anything faster than 128kbps in your area from DSL. It ain't gonna happen". Almost word for word is how she phrased it. In other competition for them=forget about increasing the upload speed. I really don't know whats wrong with your Milwaukee uploads though. Working better yet?


Clover, SC

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reply to dperez2k
Through the grapevine (friends who work for TWC), here in the Charlotte, NC area; the upload speed for regular cable is going up to 512. The premium will be 768 or 1Mbit. They said it would be at the beginning of 2006. I'm definately looking forward to it.


Green Bay, WI
reply to dperez2k
I guess I'll believe it when I see it but I think the demand for increased upload speed (even a minor increase) has been pretty strong lately. 512 isn't great but I'd take it.


Green Bay, WI
reply to dperez2k
I just had to add this little note regarding what I can get now vs. what I could get when I lived about 100 miles to the north of Green Bay, WI. Yeah sure we have TWC and their choice of RR, Earthlink, and Athenet. Apparently our only other option is SBC/ATT/Yahoo DSL which hasn't been as competitive as necessary to cause TWC to raise speeds any faster than their national rollout of the 5/384 package last year (TWC is always advertising on local channels about how they are more than 3x faster than the most common available DSL package) but take a look at this. When I lived in Florence County (population 2,200) it was barely 28.8kbps dialup....sometimes 44kbps if the wind was blowing the right way....or satellite which I tried two different companies and both were overpriced and substandard.

The local mom & pop telephone company up there is now offering DSL in 'selected' areas and here is their pricing:

Afffordably Priced

Monthly Charge 256K $47.90
Setup (One Time) $19.90
DSL Modem (One Time) $89.00

Additional Options

Static IP Address - $ 10.00/month
Borderland Dial-Up Account - only $19.95/month
384K $67.90/month
512K $87.90/month

Yessss that is "afffordably priced" directly from the website.

So I should just enjoy my 5/384 and be happy I only have to go back to dialup when I visit my mom. I get so frustrated I only use it for checking email!

Yes folks it could be worse....


Lancaster, OH
·Time Warner Cable
reply to dperez2k
Your first step would be to replace the modem, as from your post it seems a likely culprit, and easy enough to do.
However I had issues like you are describing about two years ago and it was simply a section of bad cable wire from the pole to the house. As you are aware, when you call they simply check your pings at that time and assume everything is fine. I scheduled several in home service calls, and tracking down for RR was a nightmare as the problem would come and go. Was fortunate enough to have the problem, complete with bad pings, when the tech was here the last time, and he had to check everything, lines, splitters and modem.
As you have probably experienced, when you explain the problem to RR they have a range of scripted answers from "it's your computer" to "RR does not guarantee upload speeds".
Good luck.

An Awesome Dude
reply to edeclark
said by edeclark:

I'm in Green Bay and have Earthlink through TWC
Than you have ROAD RUNNER (You wouldnt be online if you didnt,if they are slow,your gonna see it)

And YES,the upload speeds are awefull!!!!!!! (And the DL speeds are sucking also)


Green Bay, WI
No. Technically I don't have RR at all, but I do have service through TWC. They offer Earthlink/Roadrunner/Athenet (local company). Still goes through the same network though and the Earthlink speed has been the same as RR for the last 2 years. When RR went to 5/384 Earthlink followed suit. But NO I do NOT have Roadrunner.....but if there are speed issues on the network I'll also see it. Download/upload is basically as advertised where I am (~4700kbps down and ~355kbps up) however I think the fact they still have the upload limit set at 384kbps is behind the curve. I think a download speed upgrade would be cool but not nearly as NECESSARY as an upload speed upgrade. Neither Earthlink or Athenet are going to upgrade unless RR does.