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Joe Mirabella
Lanham, MD

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Getting Official Help..

Getting Help Here
Be advised that this is NOT an official RCN support forum, nor is it an out to calling support at 800-RING-RCN. We do monitor these forums, but the help you receive from us is done on our own time. If we can't get to your problem, or answer your question, dont think we are ignoring you. We answer what we can with the information we have. I can not stress how important it is to leave your Encoded MAC address, as it is a waste of time for us to guess your problem when having this information can show us if there are any obvious issues.

Please post your question and leave as much information as possible. I would suggest searching the forum for any relevant keywords to see if someone before you had a duplicate issue and had it resolved here.

Help requests over private messages will be ignored unless solicited by me. More than one of us monitor this forum and we can be of more help if questions are directed to the forum instead of us individually. Also, you may get a better answer from someone who had the same issue here in the forum.

*Note: Only registered members can use the IM system

Modem Information:

  • Forward Frequency:
    The forward frequency is basically the “Channel” the modem is tuned to in order to receive service. These channels are not viewable on your TV and if you could really you would see nothing. These frequencies can change by location region and potentially even neighborhood but know that RCN has chosen a frequency that optimizes your performance on your network.
  • Forward Power:
    The forward Power level that your modem reports is representative of how strong the signal is from RCN’s transmission facility when it reaches your modem. While a value of 0 is an ideal value the modem should receive a signal somewhere between +/- 15 dbmv. Now if you are just outside this range don’t worry if your modem is working then all is well. If you really want to try and get this number closer to 0 here is what you can do but remember these steps only work if you are at a value that is less than 0.
    • Check the cables in your house make sure they are all tight and nothing is loose.
    • If you have extra splitters that you purchased from some local store that have “port” that are unused considering getting one that only has enough ports to cover your needs. As a general rule of thumb each “port” on a splitter equals about 1.5 db of loss. So if you have a 4-way splitter that you installed that has two ports that are unused changing that splitter to a two-way split is the difference between having a -10 and a -13 again closer to 0 is better.
    • Consider your attic you know that place all your old stuff goes to die and never gets touched again. If over the years you changed the cabling up there or added cable drops remember each splitter represents a loss of signal. Ensuring that your modem service is on the earliest split or no split at all will help to ensure that your modem works at it’s best.

  • Forward Modulation:
    This information is provided again just for information purposes. Much like you have an AM/FM dial on your radio which is simply two different ways of transmitting those radio shows you listen to we have a few ways to transmit your internet data to you. What we use is determined by the location and the environments around you so not all customers will see the same value.
  • Forward Signal to Noise:
    This number is relative to how well your modem can hear the downstream carrier. The higher the number the better your modem can hear us. In most cases there isn’t much you can do to affect this number without impact the power level. But again if you remove excess splitters and take away unused ports you will generally increase this value. Did you know that having open ports on a splitter is a bad thing? Every port that is not attached to a TV acts is a leaking point where interference and noise can get into the cable plant. Noise is bad so if you remove unused splitters and only install splitters that exactly match the number of connections you need you are helping your service be better in more ways than you could imagine.
  • Return Frequency:
    This is the frequency that your cablemodem transmits at to communicate back with the RCN facilities. Like the Forward Frequency this is chosen by RCN is nothing that you can control or change except to know that RCN has chosen the frequency’s that it uses again to provide the best performance to you.
  • Modem TX Power:
    This value represents how “loud” your modem must talk for the RCN facility to hear you. The same way you raise your voice in a crowded restaurant or public area for someone else to hear you over the background noise modems do the exact same thing. Only in the case of the modem picture the background noise your neighbors R.C. car or those power lines and even that “Amplifier” that you might have bought and installed to enhance a picture. At the same time much like the forward power every device between your modem and the RCN facility represents a degree of loss that makes your modem have to talk louder. The same information on forward power applies here in that every splitter between your modem and the outside of your house means the modem must talk louder.

Each state RCN serves has its own speedtest server. I suggest using the one closest to you as latency is lowest. This will give you the most accurate test.
I also urge you to remove your router from the mix and plug your computer directly into the modem. I dont care if your router is brand new, verified somewhere else, etc... remove it..

»speedtest.rcn.net and click on your closest site

Cable TV:
Basically, the scope of our involvement ends at your Internet connection. We may be able to answer some cable tv / set top box questions, but consider our responses in this forum for general internet/cablemodem help.

Who can give help here:
rcnman See Profile
negativeduck See Profile
jmirabella See Profile
rcncares See Profile

Joe Mirabella
Lead Network Engineer
RCN Cablemodem Operations

Crunchin' For Cures
Purple Zone

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It's possible you will be contacted by an "unofficial" official. A site representative of RCN.

This would be only be negativeduck See Profile, jmirabella See Profile, rcnman See Profile or rcncares See Profile

This post is just to make you aware of privacy issues that crop up from time to time from unsolicited IM's or unknown members requesting personal information.

Our Private Message System (or "IM") on site is available only to registered members of BroadbandReports.com.

Please await possible contact from those 3 listed above - or post to the forum - they do not handle unsolicited requests, and all may benefit from issues resolved here.

It looks like this , and will appear at the top of your browser.

Information on how to retrieve/send an IM can be found here:

»Site FAQ »IMs and Privacy

If you are in doubt of anyone's affiliation, or have any questions before giving personal information, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to verify.

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As always, be careful what personal information you post to the general forums.

This is a technical board, but it is public and viewable by all.

Please refrain from posting private email addresses, IP addresses, etc to these boards as they will be obscured for privacy.
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