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Rollinsville, CO

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reply to Wildcatboy

Re: New Forum: "Security Cleanup"...

...the Security forum has been cluttered with Hijackthis topics,...
Cluttered? Hate to pick on you but the average number of HJT threads per day in this forum has been 3-5. Considering the number of posters we have, 5 HJT threads a day is hardly considered a clutter."

Yes, the number of these types of posts has decreased, but my point is that the Security forum SHOULD NOT be the place to assist people with cleaning up their computers. Again, I commend having this other forum available for doing that! Geez!

Also, I don't know where you're getting YOUR average, but doing a search on the Security forum for hijackthis during the month of December 2005, I come up with over 400 Topics related that have hijackthis logs posted.


That increases the number to close to 15 a day, which in my opinion is clutter.

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My thought is that when they were in the REAL security forum, I looked at them many times. I won't go this new forum though just as I very seldom go to the Vendors forum. Why? Two reasons: I won't think to do it and I won't have time. I think everything should have stayed in ONE security forum. I was opposed to the Vendors forum, Kerio and now this. The malware one I can see having that separate.

If there was a lot of clutter then maybe this was needed....but I only recall a very short period when there was a lot of clutter and I entertained the thought of a separate forum then and was soundly rebuffed by WCB. So, I have no idea why this forum was approved NOW when the clutter has been so little for so long. The time for it, if ever, is LONG PAST. DSLr is apt to get known as the last place to adopt a trend....:(
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Brooklyn, NY

I think one of the main reasons in creating the new "cleanup" forum was to avoid 'those' threads from being drowned into the archives, as many of them were, since the Security Forum is the busiest forum on BBR. I think I'll benefit from the new forum since I found myself bumping my own "cleanup" thread(s) in the past.