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Anytown, USA
reply to HFB1217

Re: Why do I need a router?

I currently have 2 computers.
Computer 1:
AMD K6-2 500 mhz with 128 ram
Win 98
ADSL with SW Bell using PPPoE
Speedstream external USB modem- about 1300 down/ 110 up

Computer 2:
Pentium 233 mhz with 64 ram
Win 98
Cable modem with COX Internet
Netgear fast ethernet PCI adapter about 600 down/ 90 up
I would like to use a router on my DSL line and get rid of my cable account. Is this possible with my USB external DSL modem? If not, what all will I need to make this network between these 2 computers possible?



Covington, GA

DSL routers require a ethernet adapter be installed in you machine and can not be used with internal or usb modems.
Some router come with a built in dsl modem which will work for you or you will need to get an external modem such as a Alcatel Speed Touch Home or older 1000. If you tell Bell that you are switching to Linux in the near future. They will let you have a external modem because there are no drivers for the USB and internal modem cards for Linux. It will cost you the price of a profesional install. Bell South was 150 dollars. They will send someone out to install it and give you a NIC card (PCI) plus the cables to hook it up.

These guys are usually contracted by Bell and are not employees of Bell.
Usually if you tell them you know what you are doing they will just hand you every thing and be off.

All the other responses so far on this page are excellent.

The Wizard
Premium,ExMod 2000-01
reply to mig

You would need to exchange your USB modem for a External Network (RJ45 connector) style modem and then your connection could be Legally shared between all your machines. The router would do the connection instead of the computers and the all the machines on the network would share that single connection on demand from any or all computers at the same time.
******* Just make it work! *******


Cape Girardeau, MO
reply to mig


You cannot get a router to utilize the 4060 USB modem. You'll have to see if you can get SWBell to exchange it perhaps. If not I'd call SWBell and tell them it won't power up, and then when the tech gets there to replace it, ask him if he'll give you a Speedstream 5260 instead.

SWBell, ADSL, Speedstream 5260, LinkSys BEFSR41, AMD K6-2 400mhz, WinME Build 3000