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New York, NY

ViewSonic N2750w 27" or N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD LCD

Anyone have one of these or both? Does anyone have something comparable from a name brand company in the same price range?

Basically I’m looking at these two monitors/HD ready TV models but I’m willing to consider others. For now I just want to use it as a desktop monitor and they both look really good for the money given the competition in their respective classes.

ViewSonic N2750w 27" 16:9 8ms HD LCD TV $739.99

ViewSonic N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD LCD TV ($899.99 after $100.00 Mail-In Rebate)

ViewSonic N3250w 32" video review

Not really a huge price difference but noteworthy nonetheless .

The specs of the system it would be connected to are as follows:


AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+

1GB TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200 RAM


16 Pipe Mod Sapphire X800GTO2 @ X850XT PE Speed


Sapphire Theater 550 Pro

Maddog BTX/ATX 500W PSU

Modified Castek CK-1018-1A Tower Case

MCE 2K5 SP2 + Rollup2

Therefore, I’ll use the monitor not only as a desktop monitor but also as an entertainment center for SD and HD TV. Currently only OTA HD would be used but HD via cable is a possible future consideration therefore HDMI with HDCP and audio support would be desirable. Unfortunately, the N2750w 27” does not support HDMI/HDCP.

BTW, from what I have come across thus far, most of the models that support HDMI/HDCP are well into the $1,500 range and I really don’t want to spend that kind of money.

Conceivably, System_64-X2, will be upgraded to Windows Vista with Vista Media Center and eventually a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drive so again HDMI/HDCP would be preferable to avoid downsampled 540p signal truncation or possibly no video at all in some cases.

Also, gaming is a hobby of mine so naturally I want a monitor that can handle some intense action!!!

Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


New York, NY
OK, I pulled the trigger on the ViewSonic N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD LCD TV .

BTW, the N2750w has DVI-HDCP and it looks like a good buy at ~$730 with $30 shipping. Still, I went with the N3250w with HDMI-HDCP.

If, for some reason, something goes wrong with my order I might just downgrade to the N2750w since I could go for either one and the N3250w is actually just barely going to fit on my desk,….

Hacienda Heights, CA

Re: ViewSonic N2750w 27" or N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD

I'm not sure if you can use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect that to your PC, but if you use the VGA port, you might have trouble getting the full resolution out of the screen. I bought a 23" sony wide screen with that same quirky resolution (1366x768). The most I can get using the VGA plug is 1280x768, which leaves 2 vertical black bars on the sides. I haven't tried using the HDMI interface for the computer because there is already an HD cable box connected there.

·Time Warner Cable

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the 21" Gateway HD supports HD and as an Monitor

* Analog (VGA) - 15-pin mini d-sub VGA
* Digital (DVI-D) - 24-pin DVD-D
* Component Video
* Composite Video
* S-Video
* USB 2.0

1680 x 1050 (native and maximum) at 75 Hz

New York, NY
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Re: ViewSonic N2750w 27" or N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD LCD

Anonymous, as I mentioned before, the Gateway 21" WideScreen 16:10 FPD2185W has some great specs and I think it’s a great monitor. However, for my intended use its just too small. I wanted something in the 26” to 32” range and I had the distinct feeling that I would be squinting across the room if I bought a 21” monitor. I wanted something that was going to look big and feel big even at a distance.

1680 x 1050 or higher is great but I was willing to sacrifice higher resolution for something in the 1366x768 range considering the other feature inherent in the N3250w 32" and N2750w 27".

juicelee, I'm not sure about the DVI to HDMI cable either but I had intended to try the VGA port first and maybe even use a KVM switch as well. I’ll let you know how the 1366x768 resolution works out via the VGA port.

I don’t think I can play my favorite games at 1366x768 resolution and I knew that going in so I expected some rough spots no matter what.

However, I wanted a good bloody huge desktop display for the PC that can handle HDTV in MCE 2K5 (and Vista MCE in the future) and that can game like a champ with no ghosting. That’s a tall order and IMO it would be a little unrealistic not to expect a bit of a compromise in some respects,….just not anywhere important to me,….. I hope.

New York, NY

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OK, I just received the N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms LCD HD TV and its really very nice.

Its actually a little too big if there is such a thing,….but its great nonetheless.

If I went for the N2750w 27" it probably would have fit on my desk with room to spare. However, they both would have likely swallowed my desk whole.

I connected the N3250w via the VGA port since it didn’t come with a HDMI to DVI cable. The desktop was previously set to 1280x1024 and after adding the N3250w I simply set it to 1366x768. No issues so far. HD looks great in MCE and SD looks OK in MCE. Text is OK and video games look great with no ghosting.


BTW, no dead pixels