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Santa Rosa, CA

Static or dynamic?

Sorry to hear you've got such a long or noisy loop and are not getting full speeds!

That said, if you downgraded to Express, you should be at a $29.95 price point for 12 months. Even Express-S (static) would be less than $50. The pricing numbers you're mentioning don't make complete sense.

The downgrade fee is clearly published when you process a downgrade using our tools. Unfortunatly, SBC-ASI charges this fee whenever a customer downgrades from one speed to another, so it's not something we can waive for customers! Sorry if this was unclear.

Finally - speed shouldn't have changed during your downgrade, unless you really were synced at a higher speed previously. If you were getting a 1.5Mbps sync, you should still be getting the same sync speed after the upgrade. Our staff can run a line stats report and double-check this for you, perhaps when they downgraded, it got it's profile pushed down. We can assist in resolving this.



Oakland, CA
Wait a minute here! How can you charge a customer for something they have no knowledge or control over??? It should be YOUR responsibility to provide the correct speeds IN THE FIRST PLACE! It's ludicrous to implicate that you didn't know what the speed would be, but you signed a customer up for a higher speed plan than what you could provide. Get it together and stop making lame excuses for your foibles! We shouldn't have to bear the costs that you are incurring with faulty processing. You should pay these people back.


Santa Rosa, CA

I'm not familiar with the particulars of your situation beyond what you've posted here, but you described your speeds as being 1.5mbps per second on a 1.5mbps-3.0mbps circuit. If you were unable to get the minimum 1.5mbps, we should be able to get that downgrade fee waived. Send me a PM with your Sonic.net account name and I'll be happy to look into it.

John Fitzgerald
Sonic.net Technical Support
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