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Re: [ENG] TM402P reset

I've got the same thing on my old BEFSR41. It was the firmware who didn't renew the WAN dhcp lease after expiration.

The new firmware corrected that problem.

But before I've got a new firmware from linksys, I used a script who logon the router and do a dhcp release, dhcp renew every hour. I was the only way to keep my connection up and running....

Hope this help!


Laval, QC
downloadBEFSR41V3_v1··· 236,245 bytes
OK, It looks like a router problem after all. I have v3 of the model and there is a well documented issue with WAN side DHCP. Basically, it never gets renewed. I was on DSL before using PPPOE so never had this problem.

I am trying the latest firmware for the BEFSR41v3 that I could find in hope that the issue was resolved. Only other alrernative after that is change to a diffent router model it seems.

In any case, here is the lastest BEFSR41v3 firmware for anyone interested. It is very recent actually.

Thanks everyone.


Laval, QC
Well that did not work ! At least I do not have to power cycle anything with this firmware version. Release/Renew in the router's web interface works.

Anyone know which ( if any ) firmware version fixes this WAN DHCP renewal problem. Specifically for the V3 version of the BEFSR41 router.

I am about to toss this blue brick out the ^&%#$@ window !