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Belleville, MI
reply to binary_boy

Re: "monthly bandwidth limits"!?!?

why not just subscribe to a real nntp service....


Portland, OR

said by jjsk8r85:

why not just subscribe to a real nntp service....
The service I thought was a nice touch by Comcast to actually outsource it to a namebrand nntp provider. Giganews is excellent on retention. A lot better then the old ATTBI nntp server we used to have anyways. The small work around for downloading more then the limit is far better then going back to the ATTBI days of slow through-put & a few days retention even though it was unlimited.

I myself go with a 3rd party provider and dont really mess with the giganews server unless its just checking retention on certain downloads.

I will say though that the reporting of the work around will most likely fall on deaf ears as stated IMO. Unless you use the service and are seeing somekind of impact I dont see the reason for reporting it. But as stated it has been talked about in this forum for quite sometime and if nothing has been done by now, I doubt anything will be. & also as already mentioned, its not like many people even take advantage of the service anyways. Many dont even know it exists (newsgroup service that is).