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VoIP Service Providers List

All service provider links were submitted by members of the VoIP forum. Be sure to double check the providers website for up to date price plans and new features as this list may not display the latest changes. If you would like to submit a provider you may do so by posting it Here.

ACN Digital
Unlimited to US and Canada, Features E911, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Blasting. Features

AT&T CallVantage
$24.99/MO. - AT&T CallVantage Service Plan - Get unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S. and to Canada.
$19.99/MO. - AT&T CallVantage Local Plan - Get all your local calls for one low price. Calls to Canada and U.S. territories are 4¢/minute.
$49.99/MO. - AT&T CallVantage 2-Line Plan - unlimited Local and Long Distance faxing and calling in the US and to Canada for the 1st line and 500 LD minutes for faxing and calling throughout the US and to Canada on 2nd line

Brighthouse Digital Phone
Features include Voicemail, E911, Call Waiting, Call ID and more. Features

Business and Residential plans.
They specialize in unlimited plans for rest of the world
Unlimited US/CA/UK $24.99
Unlimited US/CA/UK/Israel $29.99
Unlimited USA/CA/Israel/China/UK $34.99
Unlimited USA/CA/W. Europe/PR/Israel/Australia/NZ $34.99
Unlimited USA/CA/W. Europe/ E. Europe $99.99
Unlimited World $99.99
Unlimited Israel Cell + USA/CA $99.99

Broadvox Direct
Broadvox uses their own ATA. Features

Unlimited plans - North and South America, United Kington, Australia

Comcast Digital Voice

comwave ePhone

Datasoft Networks
No connection fee, no cancellation fee, no annual contract.

Earthlink TrueVoice
Unlimited and monthly plans.
Enhanced 911 service, Call forwarding, Call waiting, Call blocking, Caller ID

Free World Dialup
Works with ATA, software option also.
Service is currently free.
Currently no PSTN calls, only calls to other FWD clients or to clients of other select services. Features

Works with ATA.
Monthly and Unlimited Plans.
Use both ports on ATA simultaneously.

Per-Minute Plans
Works with ATA, Software dialer option.
Currently outbound calls only. Features

Works with ATA, Monthly and Unlimited Plans.

ATA based, softphone too.
Many plans - Basic (no monthly, .049 cents/min), WWSaver (5.95/mo with .023 cents/min), NASSaver (9.95/mo with 1200 outgoing mins/month) plus several Europe and Asia plans.
With a plan (not Basic), a NY phone number comes free, a local rate center is 3.95/month, a tollfree is 2.00/mo with .02 cents/min incoming. Incoming minutes are free on regular US phone DID. Can also buy bulk outgoing minutes.
The backbone is IP to IP calling.

ATA based.
$21.95/mo for Unlimited USA, Canada and Western Europe calling.
$14.95 - Lingo Basic - 500 minutes US, Canada and Puerto Rico
Many features including Simultaneous Ring, ACR, CWCID, add up to 3 lines to one account. Features

Works with proprietary voice enabled devices/routers.
Per-Minute plans.
Outbound calls only.

Works with ATA, software dialer also.
Per-Minute plans.
Currently outbound calls only.

Nufone has toll-free termination for BYOD

Auto Attendant, Extension Dialing, Conferencing, Voicemail, Caller ID, Incoming DIDs
Residential and Business plans -
$29.99 - Unlimited Local and long distance
$14.99 - 500 Incoming and Outgoing Minutes, Unlimited Incoming
$44.99 - Unlimited Business Plan

Proprietary hardware based VOIP.
Unlimited, Monthly and Per-Minute plans.
Inbound and outbound calls.
Residential Plans
Business Plans

Works with ATA.
Monthly fee plus pay per-minute for calls.
Inbound/outbound calls. Features

Primus - Canadian service
Basic and Unlimited Monthly Plans. Local Features

Residential and Business Plans.
They have a BYOD plan that supports many devices. They'll also provide a Sipura SPA-2000 or Linksys PAP2. Features

Red Gap
Hosted IP PBX. Residential and Business Plans.
Monthly fee plus pay for long distance calls.
Inbound number available.

SIP Broker
The service is currently free (although donations are welcome), and will work with either a hardware SIP device or a softphone.
1) Free calling to a large (and constantly growing) portion of the VoIP community.
2) Free ENUM ( » ) lookup service for your VoIP adapter.
3) Optional (free) SIP Broker "alias", that other VoIP users can call (and which you can forward to the SIP URI of your choice).
4) Free inbound PSTN numbers ( » ··· nNumbers ), to allow normal telco users to call VoIP users.

NOTE: SIP Broker does NOT handle normal outbound calling to the PSTN (you need your own commercial VoIP account for that). But SIP Broker's ENUM service can be used to call some normal "phone numbers" via a free VoIP call, but ONLY when that "number" has a matching ENUM entry (showing its alternate VoIP path).

Works with ATA or Softphone
Prepaid per minute only, free incoming
Outbound and Inbound calls, numbers are available in Germany and UK. Also works with IPKall-like services.
German site.

Asterisk/IAX and SIP termination.
Vanity / custom toll free numbers, Emergency failover support. Features

Monthly and Unlimited Plans Features

Talafone - North America and Middle East
Support all h323 protocol stacks, FXS's FXO's, ATA's, dialup and ethernet IpPhones

Free and Premium Plans.
Provides you an unlisted US phone number with 60 minutes of FREE outgoing and incoming calls,
Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-way Calling, Voicemail and more.

Business and Residential plans.
Unlimited Inbound calls on residential plans.
Telasip uses ATA.

Teliax uses ATA or BYOD (including Asterisk)

Tone247 - Canada
Per minute plans. - (Appears to no longer be in business.)

USA Datanet
$24.95 unlimited, Cisco ATA/Telco AC 211/Grandstream
7-digit dialing, anon call blocking, voicemail, do not disturb, call filtering, 3-way calling. Features

Monthly and Unlimited Plans Features

No contract, pay as you go.
Free sign up, no installation fee, no activation fee, no connection fee, Instant phone number activation.

Verizon VoiceWing
Unlimited local and long distance anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. Features

VirtualPhoneline and Phoneopia
Works with ATA.(included but must be returned)
Unlimited plans for incoming/outgoing to U.S. & Canada.
Unlimited incoming plans also.

Works with ATA (included)
Unlimited and monthly plans.
Inbound/Outbound calls. Features

I believe they have a limited number coverage area, however they offer full LNP (in and out).
Business and Residential plans.

VoIP Providers by Country »

Works with ATA (included)
Unlimited and monthly plans.
Inbound/Outbound calls. Features

Voxee ATA, BYOD (including Asterisk)

* Updated Dec. 2007 - rgj