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Verona, NJ

[HELP] WIC-1ADSL counterfeit cards and bad capacictors

My understanding is that the WIC-1ADSL cards have been extensively cloned in the pacific rim.

1. Does anyone know if this is really true?

2. What are the ways one can tell an real Cisco WIC-1ADSL card from a counterfeit one?

3. I have seen cards WIC-1ADSL advertised on eBAy that have a hologram.
a. Is this true?
b. If so, is it only true for certain part numbers or after certain dates of manufacture?

4. Anyone have all the details on the WIC-1ADSL cards that Cisco made with bad capacitors?

Phraxos See Profile said:

Cisco manufactured a whole bunch of them with the wrong capcitors. They seem to work fine (unless you are on the limits of the ADSL distance) but their Noise Margin is about 10dB worse than it should be.

I've come across a couple of these and had them replaced by Cisco.

The faulty boards were P/N 73-4771-08 (73-4771-09 are unaffected), the serial started FOC and the first part of the serial number was less than "07462". Furthermore if they have a Deviation sticker D070014 or D070699 then they were faulty but have been fixed by Cisco.


Oak Creek, WI

I have personal experience with this.
Tipoff to a ripoff? - Seeing brand new WIC cards on Ebay for about 1/2 or less of normal selling cost. Anytime a brand new WIC-1ADSL can be had for $250...you need to wonder.

So? - I took a shot to see what would happen as a new one is at least $475 or so. The card arrived. I compared it to a legit Cisco card...the photo on Ebay showed holograms.

The card came and had NO cisco hologram. The static foam was black instead of the pink I am used to and the box was not sealed with the standard Cisco tape.

Did it work? - yes. For 24hrs. it then failed! - gee big surprise there. I contacted the seller...he took the card back ASAP and gave me 100% refund including S&H. That was nice, but suspicious.

I then was telling one of my Cisco resellers about this experience and he contacted Cisco. It seems they are trying to go after these shady sellers. Within 24hrs all of this guys auctions disappeared on Ebay. Of course there he is (still today) back on Ebay with a new userID.

Unless your buying a WIC from an Authorized Cisco partner, I would be very suspicious. Especially if the price is 'too good to be true'. I guess I got lucky and got my $$ back...but it was more for an experiment to see what I would end up with


London, UK

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reply to tildeleb

I recently bought two (used) WIC-1ADSLs quite cheap, but was surprised to see that one doesnt have the Alcatel Dynamite chipset on it. My understanding was that Cisco ADSL devices were "exclusively" Alcatel because it is much higher quality.

Anyhow, Ive been using the non-Alcatel card for a couple of weeks with out any problems. Prior to this I used the Alcatel based card, no problems either.

The non Alcatel card is based on Infinion. Any comments on that?

edit: I have a 73-4771-08 here, as far as I know its still working fine. I might chuck it back in to make sure....

edit2: Actually the non Alcatel one has an ST chipset on it, not Infinion. It also has a D070699 sticker on it