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Who Makes Your Tires Chart

I posted this a long while back; since one topic here is asking about specific brands and Walmart brand for example. In my opinion--an off brand made by Michelin sold at Walmart may be a hell of a lot cheaper. Anyways--here it is:

Speaking of Tires--Who Makes Yours?

Found this list--thought it may save someone a few bucks buying a house brand instead. Saved me around 300 bucks today.

Advance China Mfrgs. All China Mfrgs.
Aerolon Lucas Automotive Denman (bias antique, classic automobile)
Aero Track Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Akuret Del-Nat Tire Corp. Yokohama (P, HP)
Alta Racer Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (Taiwan) (bias racing)
American Radial Amer. Car Care Michelin
Apache Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Apple I Frank's Tire
Arizonian Discount Tire Kelly (P, LTR)
Armour China Mfrgs. All. Jiangsu Tyre (IND)
Astra Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Astro Tire Group Int. Govind Rubber Ltd. (GRL) (india) Danubiana (Roumania) [farm] Madras Elastomeres (india) [solid IND] Chaoyang (China) [pneumatic IND] Roadstone (Thailand) [OTR, IND] Dong-Ah (Korea) [tubes, flaps]
Atlas TeamTBA Kelly
Betco Coker Tire Specialty tires, Denman
Big O TBC/Big O Kelly
Bilt-Mor Rott-Keller Co. Off-shore
Brigadier Reynolds Tire Conti General
Cambridge Dunlap & Kyle Various off-shore (MTR)
Candy Classic Fairmount Tire Dunlop (P-bias wide whitewall for classic cars)
Capitol Dynastar Int.
Coker Classic Coker Tire Specialty tires, Denman
Commander Coker Tire Specialty tires, Denman
CO-OP Triton Tire Bridgestone/Firestone, Kelly, Dunlop
Cordovan TBC Corp. Cooper, Kelly
Cornell Pep Boys Bridgestone/Firestone
Cosmo Tire Group Int. Chaoyang
Country Squire Triton Tire Kelly, Continental General
Custom Classic Lucas Automotive Bridgestone/Firestone, Denman (bias for classic cars 1930s-'50s)
Danzig Foreign Tire Sales Various (off-shore)
Delta Del-Nat Tire Corp. Yokohama (P, HP, LTR), Cooper (P, HP, LTR), China Manufacturers Alliance (MTR, MTB, MTLP), Cheng Shin (P, HP, LTR, IND, lawn/garden, ATV, boat trailer), Toyo (P), Denman (LTB, F/I-B), Alpha (LTB, MTB, IND, Alliance (F/I-R, F/I-B), Ceat (IND), Cupples (tubes)
Dick Cepek Dick Cepek Denman (LTR, LTB), Conti General (P, LTR), Titan Tire (ATV), Specialty tires (racing, specialty, motorcycle)
Double Coin China Mfrgs. All. Shanghai Tyre (MTR, MTLP)
Douglas Wal-Mart Stores Kelly
Dune Hopper Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Dune Slider Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Dune Tracker Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Duralon Midstates Dist. Bridgestone/Firestone
Durasteel Del-Nat Tire Corp. Cheng Shin (HP, metric)
Dynastar Dynastar Int. Various
Dynatex Dynatex Tire Off-shore
Dynatrac Heafner China Manufacturing Association
Eldorado Eldorado Tire Cooper (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB)
Embassy Tire Alliance Grp. Kelly
Euro-Tech Metric Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Excelsior Coker Tire Specialty tires, Denman
Fisk Discount Tire Michelin (P, LTR)
Fleetwood Fleetwood Mktg.
Freeway Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin, various off-shore (LTB, bias trailer)
Futura Pep Boys Cooper, Bridgestone/Firestone
Gateway Dunlap & Kyle Denman (LTB, LTR, ATV, F/I-B), JK Tyre (india) (MTB), Titan Tire (ATV)
Specialty tires (F/I-B)
Goldenmark Triton Tire Kelly
Greenmaster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (bias golf cart)
Greensaver Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (bias golf cart)
Ground Buster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
GT Reliable Tire Gajah Tunggal
Guardian Amer. Car Care Michelin (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
Guardsman Sears, Roebuck Kelly, Pirelli Tire Corp., Cooper
Harvest King TBC Corp. Bridgestone/Firestone Kelly
Hercules Hercules Tire Cooper (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB), Kumho (P, HP, LTR, MTR, MTLP), Woosung (P, LTR), Modi (MTB), Alliance (Israel) (F/I-R, F/I-B), China Tire (flotation-farm, LTB, MTB)
Heritage Summit Tire Kelly, Dunlop, Double Coin
Highland China Mfrgs. All. Various
Homaster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (mobile home)
Hood Tire Centers Inc. Michelin North America (P, HP, LTR)
Insa Premier Lucas Autom. Goodyear (Model A Ford car)
Interco Interco Tire Various (LTR, LTB, ATV)
Jetzon Jetzon/Telstar Kelly
Jupiter Itochu Interntl. Woosung (Korea) (P, HP, LTR)
Kirkland Signature Costco Michelin (P, LTR)
Laramie Laramie Tire Kelly
Lester Universal Vintage Denman, Specialty tires
Lucas Lucas Autom. BFS, Denman, Trelleborg (Sweden), Nokian (Finland) (antique & classic auto, bias Model A truck)
Mark 300 Triton Tire Kelly
Maxima Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Merit Hercules Tire Cooper (P, HP, LTR), Woosung (P, HP)

Merlin Express Merlin Tire Modi (india) (MTB)
Metro Gene Savage Tire
Mickey Thompson Max Trac Tire Specialty tires (P-bias, LT-bias, racing, wide street), Cooper (P, LTB), Avon (racing)
Mitco Super Solid Mitco Inc. Various
Mohawk Indep. Tire Sales Yokohama (P, HP, LTR)
Motomaster Canadian Tire Kelly, Michelin, Bridgestone/Firestone (P, HP, LTR)
Mud Shark Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Mud Buster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Multi-Mile TBC Corp. Cooper, Kelly
National Del-Nat Tire Corp. Cooper (P, HP, LTR), Yokohama (P, HP, LTR), Toyo (P), Cheng Shin (P, HP, LTR, IND, lawn/garden, ATV, boat trailer), Denman (LTB, F/I-B), Alpha (LTB, MTB, IND), Alliance (F/I-R, F/I-B), Ceat (IND), China Manufacturers Alliance (MTR, MTLP), Cupples (tubes)
Nitto Nitto Tire Toyo
Nordic Orion Tire Corp. Hangzhou (China) (P, IND (pneumatic solid)), Yantai (solid), Yinchuan (LTB, MTB), Double Happiness (China) (LTB), JK Tyre (india), Vikrant Tyre (india), Pearl River Tire (China) (MTB)
Orion Orion Tire Corp. Hangzhou (China) (P, IND (pneumatic solid)), Yantai (solid), Yinchuan (LTB, MTB), Double Happiness (China) (LTB), JK Tyre (india), Vikrant Tyre (india), Pearl River Tire (China) (MTB)
Osprey Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (P)
Outrigger OTR Wheel Titan, Specialty tires, Fidelity
Pacemark TeamTBA Kelly
Parnelli Jones Prog. Cust. Wheels Kelly
Patriot Sears, Roebuck Cooper
Phantom Discount Tire Michelin (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
Pit Bull Orig. Tire Mart Various
Pitchmaster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (baseball pitching machine)
Pos-A-Traction Pos-A-Traction Kelly
Power King TBC Corp. Kelly, Hankook Denman
Powermaster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (go kart)
Premium Sportway Fairmount Tire Denman, Fidelity (P low-rider applications)
President President Tire Bridgestone/Firestone, Conti General, Michelin North America
Pro Prof. Indust. Tire Various
Pro Trac Coker Tire Specialty tires, Denman
Pro Track Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Ram Mimco Inc. Specialty tires
Regul Heafner Michelin, Kelly (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
Response Sears, Roebuck Yokohama
Reynolds Reynolds Tire Conti General
Roadeo Boots Roadeo Inc. Kelly
RoadPro Hercules Tire P.T. Gadjah Tunggal (P, LTR)
Rubber Master Countrywide Ind. Greenball (Taiwan) , P.T. Deli (Indonesia)
Skandic Orion Tire Corp. Hangzhou (China) (P, IND (pneumatic solid)), Yantai (solid), Yinchuan (LTB, MTB), Double Happiness (China) (LTB), JK Tyre (india), Vikrant Tyre (india), Pearl River Tire (China) (MTB)
Secura Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (LTR)
Sentry Sears, Roebuck Cooper, Pirelli, Kelly
Shell TeamTBA Kelly
Shredder Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Sidewinder Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Sigma TBC Corp. Cooper, Kelly, Bridgestone/Firestone
Signet Hercules Tire Cooper (P), Woosung (P, LT)
Silvermark Triton Tire Kelly
Solo-Tech Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Sonic Parrish Tire Conti General
Spartan Reliable Tire Co. Kelly, Various
Stratton Indep. Tire Sales
Summit Summit Tire Kelly, Dunlop, Double Coin
Super Sport TeamTBA Kelly
Superguard Sears, Roebuck Kelly, Cooper
Tacoma Parrish Tire Cooper
Telstar Jetzon/Telstar Kelly
Temco Orig. Tire Mart Various
TNT Tire Group Int. GRL
Towmaster Greenball Corp. Cheng-Shin (boat trailer)
Trail Handler Sears, Roebuck Pirelli, Kelly, Cooper
Tredtech Parrish Tire Conti General & Yokohama
Tribune Indep. Tire Sales
Turnpike Parrish Tire Conti General
Ultra-Tech Major tires Kelly, JK Tyre (india), Apollo Tyres (india) Nankang (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB)
Universal Universal Vintage Denman, Specialty tires
76 Tosco Mkting. Kelly
Vagabond Tire Factory Continental General Tire
Vanderbilt Reynolds Tire Kelly
Viper Sears, Roebuck Cooper
Vogue Vogue Tyre Kelly
Wearmaster OTR Wheel Titan
Weathermark Triton Tire Kelly
Westlake Foreign Tire Sales Various (off-shore)
Winston Heafner Kelly
Wynstar China Mfrgs. All. Shanghai Tyre (P, HP, LTR)
YKS Foreign Tire Sales Various (off-shore)
Ziggurat Tirex Inc. Tornel (Mexico) Vikrant Tyres (india) Shandong Triangle Group (China

Doctor Olds
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House brand tires are made to the specifications of the Company buying them and are not equal to the Retail tires made by the Manufacturer under their brand name.

This can be confirmed just by weighing retail/house brand tires of the exact same size/tread layout/aspect ratio to see how much material is missing (internally) in the house brands (less sidewall thickness, less woven layers all over and smaller diameter steel in the woven steel belts are just a few of the things that are different) and also by checking the tire ratings to see that the Treadwear Grade number and what letters (ABC) the Traction Grades/Temperature Grades are can can quickly find that they completely different due to lesser quality rubber/synthetics blends used in house brands versus what is used in a retail brands.

Uniform Tire Quality Grading

The Federal Government Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards (49 CFR 575.104) apply to passenger car tires only (but excludes deep tread, winter-type snow tires, temporary use spare tires, and tires with nominal rim diameters of twelve inches or less). Tires subject to the Standards are required to be graded on the performance factors of treadwear, traction and temperature. The grades are molded on the tire sidewall, and in addition for replacement tires, a label affixed to the tread lists and explains these grades. Tire characteristics defined in the Standards are as follows:


The treadwear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test course. For example, a tire graded 150 would wear one and a half (1 1/2) times as well on the government course as a tire graded 100. The relative performance of tires depends upon the actual conditions of their use, however and may depart significantly from the norm due to variations in driving habits, service practices, and differences in road characteristics and climate.


The traction grades, from highest to lowest, are AA, A, B and C. These grades represent the tire's ability to stop on wet pavement as measured under controlled conditions on specified government test surfaces of asphalt and concrete. A tire marked C may have poor traction performance. WARNING: The traction grade assigned to each tire is based on straight-ahead braking traction tests, and does not include acceleration, cornering, hydroplaning or peak traction characteristics.


The temperature grades are A (highest), B and C, representing the tire's resistance to the generation of heat and it's ability to dissipate heat when tested under controlled conditions on a specified indoor laboratory test wheel. Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tire life, and excess temperature can lead to sudden tire failure. The grade C corrosponds to a level of performance which all passenger car tires must meet under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard # 109. Grades B and A represent higher levels of performance on the laboratory test wheel than the minimum required by law. WARNING: The temperature grade for each tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated and not overloaded. Excessive speed, under inflation or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure.

For Example:


Doctor Olds
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reply to Rifleman
Right on the money Doctor Olds! I wish more people would understand this when they shop at the discount stores.

reply to Rifleman
I have put millions of Kms on Motomaster tires and never once had a problem. the price is right. The set on there now has a treadwear of 560 traction a and heat rating of B?. Approximately 1/3 the price of Goodyears or Michelin.

Markle, IN
reply to Rifleman
I see in the list that it lists "Big O" as being manufactured by Kelly. However when I purchased my Big O tires I did some research on them and found they are made by Goodyear.
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reply to Rifleman
i bought my last two sets of tires at CostCo for our two cars...4 Michelin X-Radials on each car...the one car cost about $475 installed (15 inch) and the other was about $540 (16 inch)...great price for very good tires.
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I run Fuzion made by Bridgestone they seem to stick and wear better than my old Toyo Proxes. I just don't like that they look like directional tires but they aren't so they look like one side of the vehicle the tires look like they were put on wrong.
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said by Ken:

I see in the list that it lists "Big O" as being manufactured by Kelly. However when I purchased my Big O tires I did some research on them and found they are made by Goodyear.
Goodyear owns Kelly....