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[General] DNS changes...

The AT&T DSLReports team has received notification that the company is switching DNS to an any cast DNS plan using only two DNS IP's across the network. The volume of DNS clusters is not going down, but their addresses are. The group working the change is slated to complete turning down the legacy DNS IP's by year's end, and regionally one by one.

I have been asked to get the word out on this site that this change is going on, as someone who is working the change noticed discussion on this site around hard coding some of the legacy DNS addresses that will be turned down.

If you are either a static customer or have other wise hard coded your DNS entries to the legacy DNS IP's, please start using and instead of the old IP's at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that we probably will not get a list of when any particular legacy DNS IP will be turned down, so the sooner you make the change the better.

Any questions, please feel free to reply to this post and I will be sending this thread to the person who let me know about the up and coming changes..
If you have a topic in the direct forum please reply to it or a post of mine, I get a notification when you do this. Koetting Ford, Granite City, illinois... YOU'RE FIRED!!

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Please direct all questions and comments about the change to the original thread.