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Ottawa, ON
reply to AnonDOG

Re: Mesh Network Simulation -- RMDLX

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said by AnonDOG :

If there is anything the model shows with certainty it is that the mesh node needs to be dirt cheap and brain dead simple.
Michael, I am in total agreement on this. Also, it is curious that we always wanted to deliver the StarAPs packaged as replacement street lamps.

However, we encountered a serious problem trying to design a $250 "uniform" mesh node in 2003. The 166Mhz MIPS CPU inside Atheros AR5002-AP SoC could not do a good job running both secure WiFi and mesh routing.

So, I decided to go with a non-uniform mesh design concept where a $500 StellarPortal (Via Eden 533Mhz) will do the dynamic route calculation using association requests, observed RSSI and traffic congestion feedback from a constellation of $100 StarAPs.

The StarAP was developed on same FPGA/Ubicom/Agere radio platform as our WISP CPE. There are photos of the PCB layout in an old post but we never managed to build it.

Currently, Atheros AR5007 SoC platforms ($25-$35) will be good for the StarAP while multi-radio StellarPortals can be made with Gateworks boards for ~$250.

I could not post the whole file, but I am copying a small section on the Stellar Mesh concept together with the overall 3-level architecture for large-scale urban deployments.