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[General] Just a gentle reminder...

This specific forum is a place to sing the praises about the good things and spout off about the bad things. No more, no less. Very few people posting here have any expectations of solving a problem. At least they shouldn't.

Lately, it seems the tone in this forum has changed and gotten a little less fun than it should be. Although the purpose here is not necessarily designed to solve problems, solutions are welcome. So are discussions, as long as it doesn't get personal. Once it gets personal as opposed to factual, things tend to go downhill. Since many posting rants are already upset enough, that's a volatile mixture that is simply not tolerable.

By all means, if someone posts a rant that is factually inaccurate, attack the inaccuracies with your own facts. There is never anything wrong with that. But implying that someone is stupid or even that their positions on something or actions are stupid is not acceptable. Suggesting a better way of doing it is fine, as long as it's not done in a trollish way. Furthermore, since there are much more appropriate places on this site for political discussions, overt political discussions will not be tolerated here.

In other words, let's keep it friendly and not attack the person, no matter how silly the rant or rave may be. Thank you for your cooperation!

Premium,MVM,Ex-Mod 2004-13
Ringwood, NJ
Very good words of advice, thanks Mospaw See Profile.